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Vibrational medicine, connection with the natural world

What is an essence?

My exploration into plant spirit medicine and working with vibrational remedies was to perceive the essential quality of the plant. This particular existence that I called the essence was often reflected in the gesture of the plant and was like meeting a unique intelligence.

From this I understood that essence is the intrinsic nature of something. The word essence has an association with the root or origin of something, mirroring the healing process of finding what is at the root of an ailment.

The Lasavia Healing Essences are vibrational medicines. The idea of vibrational medicine is that it contains the essential energy that is within the physical form and not the actual physical form of the plant, animal or mineral.

Through our website, you can buy healing essences online. We also offer a consultation, before you choose which essences are right for you if you prefer.

How do the essences work?

Illness can be beneficial in that it indicates the conflict that lies within us and that an essential part of the healing process is the work we need to do upon ourselves. The patterning of our psychological condition sets up a rhythm in the body that can distort its normal workings, the remedies will work on the subtler bodies and act upon the pattern that is causing the disharmony.

How are the essences made?

To make an essence is to allow the essential quality of the plant, animal or mineral to be conveyed into water. The creation of vibrational medicines is an ancient alchemical process that involves the interrelated process of four elements; air, fire, water, earth and a fifth element is aether or spirit. I see the element of aether as the hidden glimmering within the object, the essence as connected to source.

I also experience how landscape partakes in the making of an essence, and all of this is conveyed into the water, which when it is complete, I then preserve the water with brandy. This is the mother tincture. From this mother tincture I take a few drops into a 10 ml bottle of 50%brandy and water and create a stock bottle. This becomes the vibrational medicine or essence.

– Leila Lees, Founder of Lasavia Healing

Note: Essences are in a brandy and water base. If you prefer apple cider vinegar, please add this request to the ‘Order notes’ on the Checkout page.

Personal Remedy Blend

You can purchase the essences based on your own intuitive connection or have a consultation in person, via zoom or phone with Meggan Young to create your personalised blend… more info >

Choosing Your Remedy

If you are an intuitive person you may notice that particular remedies seem to jump out at you. I encourage you to listen to this; if a remedy jumps out at you it will probably be the right one to take at that time. Alternatively you could muscle test or use a pendulum to discover if a remedy is right for you at that time.

It is also good to balance your intuition with your thoughts and inquiries. Take the time to read about the remedies you have chosen and see whether the information matches what you experience. You may also wish to simply read the meanings and see which descriptions resonate with you. If you’re choosing for friends or family it’s best to involve them, perhaps ask them which one resonates for them and why.

We recommend that the essence of choice be taken over time, a few drops three times a day. When taking them pause and observe what arises. These essences are an invitation for you to participate in what they offer.

These blends are the collaboration between Leila Lees and Meggan Young. They have been created due to the many enquiries and requests of people who have struggled in various aspects of their lives through the consequence of trauma. More people are desiring wholeness and finding courage to live connected to their environment and aligned with spirit. Trauma disrupts this. Through the naming of these blends the components became clear, inter-relating to the layered complexity of trauma.

The elemental beings are important in the creation of these remedies and we have worked in collaboration with these beings. The elemental dimension is not accessed in the world of focus and doing but in the spaces that are around and within. Creating these blends is commensurate with a quality of listening that involves meeting the elemental kingdom through the essential components of physical form. What ensued is a form of alchemy, where as alchemists we have participated and experienced the nuances of these essences in the making of them.

We recommend that the essence of choice be taken over time, a few drops three times a day. When taking them, pause and observe what arises. These essences are an invitation for you to participate in what they offer.

You can order essences online, either intuitively, or after a consultation with Meggan.