Remedy for Shock


Kotare, Kotukutuku, Comfrey, Gentian, Heron, Quartz.
The label is a teal colour (like the Kotare feathers) and the picture is Kotare.


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A blend of essences: kotare, kotukutuku, comfrey, gentian, heron, quartz
This remedy is for those who have suffered shock and the effects of shock. When something is shocking it is like the body on the etheric dilates. People may become very sensitive and overwhelmed. This response emerged when humans had to be sensitive to their environment to stay out of danger.

This dilation can last for hours or days and there can be a dazed feeling as they continue to experience a state of expansion. This remedy will support people to pull themselves back together, to anchor in the physical body and feel alive and present.

Some shock can be registered in the body and show up years after the event. This remedy enables the body to release the shock gently.

There can be a loss of faith when we are in shock. Losing faith to go forward, a faltering step.

An interview with Shock and Faith:
Shock and Faith are looking at each other. Shock is seeing Faith as if for the first time. Shock is angry with Faith as Faith somehow escaped, got lost, wasn’t there. As Shock gets angry, he wants to blame Faith for what has happened and in so doing Faith slips down the chair, melding to the white plastic chair. Faith becomes invisible and Shock becomes bereft. I ask Shock how he could connect with Faith. Shock blinks at me, becomes mute, unable to share, a story is unreachable. Shock is a pile of unfinished sentences, broken words, a heap, a pile of parts. In the pile of words, Shock for the first times feels a touch of Faith like a sweetness – faint. This faint shift allows Shock and Faith connection, a new merging – there is a sense of listening like a trembling inner ear.

I am sleeping like a small fish alert in the stream. The fish has the ability to stay still even though the water is moving. This remedy enables the ability to be still or to move whatever the force.

The shock stretched me upwards and I cannot reach myself. There is a weight that hangs over me and this remedy flicks through memory like the flicking pages of a book, nothing is landed on and yet pieces connect.
This remedy bumps me to my resting space, no longer the hyper attention.