Remedy for Creating Space to Exist


Bee, Dandelion.
The colour is yellow and the picture is Dandelion.


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A blend of essences: bee, dandelion

Remedy for Creating Space To Exist

Creating a space to exist redefines our sense of self, and therefore of wellbeing. The claustrophobic world is a sick world. To create a space to exist, we have to understand who and what we are, and what we can become. We all need space to bloom. This remedy can assist in creating an awareness when the passion for it already exists. It can help a person to decondition their minds, and understand the underlying elements of their conditioning.

This remedy will help those to connect to their inner spaciousness and the spaces within their lives. The mind opens to the greater intelligence when you consciously connect. The body expands and relaxes with this remedy. Spaciousness is not something we are used to taking up, let alone creating for ourselves. Spaciousness is an act of God, of that which is within. There is so much space within you and around you and yet you do not consciously connect to it. Space is ambivalent to whether we access it or not it still exists. There is a peace in this state, a willingness to let go and fall into that which is yours for the taking, as it is for all life.

It is a good remedy for those that feel contracted in their bodies and lives. This remedy is helpful for children who feel like they don’t or shouldn’t exist. For those that struggle to take up space in this world. This remedy will also help an elderly person that does not feel they belong or are no longer of value to the world.

The Space To Exist essence can be taken long term, and in itself has a long-term effect. The essence is not an initiator but an ally, a force that assists. It has the power to help corrode the cages we build around ourselves and so constrict ourselves. The essence needs to be seen in the context of this constriction. But it can only work when the intention or will of the seeker is focused on creating, defining, a space to exist. The essence is also reliant on the seeker’s understanding of what constricts them, and will work within the terms of that understanding only. The more deeply the seeker perceives the nature of their constriction, the more powerfully the essence will operate.

I am reminded of those times when I see everything around me in vivid detail. The detail becomes exquisite, everything I look at has clarity, a presence of existence and therefore beauty. As I take this space, so does everything around me. I vision concentric circles, like the pattern of soft rain on still water.

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