Insects are the most diverse group of animals, including more than a million described species and represent over half of all known living organisms. Yet few people take the time to get to know them and many consider them pests. In bringing forward this range of remedies, I aim to examine our relationship with these insects, and hope to change our view a little. It’s worthwhile to connect and observe their gesture, their habits, and in doing so, see their participation and contribution to the world we inhabit. All of these remedies are created energetically through the conduit of water and are then preserved in brandy. They have been made with the living insect nearby; each remedy has the energetic vibration of the insect, and each has its own unique story.

Into the World by Leila Lees

A beautiful introduction to mystical and shamanic practice, this book covers the main concepts of year one of the Certificate training.

“I wrote Into the World because I am passionate about human consciousness. As we begin to experience our own integral self and find our moral compass in our hearts, I see that we may create space for each other to exist. We do this within a dynamic community that is conscious of its interconnection with an even greater, more diverse ecosystem.”