Scotch Thistle: Pressure release



Promotes joyousness and feelings of invincibility. A powerful protector with the nature of the spiritual warrior.


Lasavia Essences are the gift of vitality of plants, minerals and insects delivered to you with the utmost care.  The resolve of Lasavia is to deliver to you Elemental Healing through the introduction of an Essence into your being.  We suggest you put a few drops in water, drink and take a moment to be inspired by the qualities of the Essence that you have chosen.


Scotch Thistle, Cirsium Vulgare

Scotch-ThistleI made this remedy from a magnificent specimen in a friend’s garden. It was the biggest thistle I had seen, and joy in admiring its form, its presence couldn’t be ignored.

Physical Attributes

In New Zealand, this is one of our most abundant thistles. It is a biennial, germinating in early spring, forming a rosette in the first summer before flowering in the second summer. It can grow very large and grows into a well-branched shrub up to 1.5 metres tall. This remedy was made from a very large specimen on Waiheke, growing in very fertile soil. It flowers from November to March. The composite flower heads are purple and the seeds are feathery light thistledown, which blow away in the wind. As children we thought these seeds were fairies. The leaves are spiny on the upper surface. It has deep lobes tipped with strong spines. The roots are taproots.

The Essence

Joyousness and invincibility, a powerful protector with the nature of the spiritual warrior.

This remedy encompasses the nature of joyousness, celebration is called for, simply celebration of life. Scotch thistle helps to raise our energy, particularly when we have that feeling of being sunk down to the pit of our stomach. This is a remedy to protect, and heal, those who have suffered and survived hardship, giving hope and life so that they may recover. It brings courage, has a quality of elation and a feisty attitude.

When my friend Oraina meditated on the essence she saw swords on the ground and dancing on the roof of the castle all night before going into battle. It contains the quality of invincibility. Scotch thistle tells us to let go all the non-essentials and just step forward.