Each session is approximately 1 ½ hours depending on what we are working with and how long it takes and is $140.

To make an enquiry or book a session please email meggan@lasaviahealing.nz 

or text phone: 0274646913

Inner Tracking

gaining understanding through awareness and discovery with Meggan Young.

Who we are is interwoven with the patterns of our beliefs, our ancestors, and shadows of the past. Inner tracking is a pathway of understanding, finding what lies beneath our ailments or the re-occurring patterns in our lives. Tracking is about listening and sensing the experience of the whole, the interconnectedness within nature and our place within it. Through a gentle sustained focus, I uncover with you the thread that may show us insights about ancestry, beliefs or spirit of place. Through understanding there is compassion and through compassion there is healing.

In my shamanic and healing practice, I offer personal sessions. Each session is unique to the person exploring what they bring into their own healing pathway. My passion is in ancestral healing, belief patterning, soul retrieval, energy healing and plant medicine. In ancestral healing I facilitate your journey and connection to your ancestors, learning their stories. I look at ancestral patterns, and how they may be influencing you and your family.

My personal exploration and training around belief patterning, their potency in affecting the way we perceive our world and their capacity to impact us in ways that are often invisible and sometimes insidious, has been an important journey of discovery and healing. This healing practice goes deeply into our thinking and the origins of our beliefs, looking at how these beliefs can either support or hinder our lives.

I work with energies and patterns of the body and mind, I observe and support the etheric body where these are often created or stored. I look at illness, helping to understand it and uncover a pathway and support for healing.

How I Work

My training and practice has given me the ability to extend my own consciousness beyond the perimeters of our physical world, it is here where I meet the intelligence and consciousness of the natural worlds, our spiritual allies and the elemental kingdom. These are both humbling and fascinating experiences and have shown me how supported we are when we open ourselves to these realms.

In these personal sessions I work with and am supported by our spiritual allies, Lasavia Healing remedies and plant spirit medicine. I work as a shamanic practitioner, a teacher of shamanism and mystical practice, and a plantswoman.



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