‘As always, working with Leila, I entered in with my own set of expectations about what I thought I was seeking and came out the other side with a completely new life direction.
This direction is a long-buried secret dream of mine since childhood and has only now (35 years later!!) been given permission to come to fruition. It is not just Leila’s ability to accurately perceive the hidden layers which makes her work so valuable; she creates a container of sacred space, with non-judgement and gentle persistence, for that which arises for examination and clearing. This safety and honouring allows the inner transformation to occur. It is now 8 months since we uncovered my pathway forward and it has continued to unfold in ways far greater than my tiny mind could not have planned. I am so grateful!’     -VA

Leila Lees


Integration and healing through shamanic processes.

The healing work I do is founded in observation of the natural world, shamanism, and mysticism. I work as an artist, writer, teacher and healer. Over many years I have learnt to integrate these sometimes-disparate aspects of myself, weaving them together as a whole. In my healing practice I listen and attend to the energetic aspects of the physical form, seeing within and sensing what is underneath the symptoms. I offer shamanic journeying; emotional healing; identifying and releasing ancestral patterns, ghosts and hauntings; soul retrieval and shadow work. Throughout I am facilitating and deepening a connection with the spirit realm through nature and place. I see healing as a daily practice. I see my work as a facilitator with the essences of plants, animals, and minerals and how these can act as medicine for people. Sometimes these essences enter the room like a spirit or they show their presence through physical form. Recently I opened the door after a healing session and a moth entered through the door fluttering all around the room before flitting out through an open window. In these moments I feel in awe of the support that is available to us from nature.

In person healing sessions: Waiheke $165, Devonport $185.

Please email lasaviaessences@gmail.com or text 0274196805 to book.


the gift through the shadow.

I offer mentoring to writers, shamanic practitioners and people transitioning into new ground. For this process we look at a project that can act as an anchor throughout the journey together. We may journey into the underworld, looking at shadows and patterns and the gifts that may be occluded. For mentoring a commitment is required to four sessions. These sessions can be in person or through zoom.

Mentoring sessions: 4 sessions $690 

My Place of Practice

I live and work on Waiheke Island, situated in the Hauraki Gulf, Aotearoa. The coastline of Waiheke is bounded by cliffs; with the northern side a succession of sandy beaches and rugged cliffs and the south side deeply embayed with mudflats, wetlands and small stony bays. My healing room sits on our property facing North amongst the regenerating coastal Waiheke forest. It was built by Stu Birt and I appreciate his sense of space and place. It has the right feel, I can look out and see the kereru swoop, or observe the taraire and the puriri up the valley. All of these aspects, including our cultural history and geology contribute to our sense of place. Place orientates me and feeds my healing, writing and art practice. I share this healing room with Meggan Young, fellow shamanic practitioner, plantsperson and potter. It also houses, at present, the Lasavia Healing Remedies.

I have recently started to work from Devonport. Through one of those serendipitous series of events I met Chevonne Logan. Chevonne is a massage therapist, mother of three daughters and works with people to refine their purpose. She takes time and attendance to create beautiful spaces. The little room I work in is nestled in the base of Takarunga. Devonport is a peninsula, and with one road in and out it has that feeling of an Island.


Leila Lees: leila@lasaviahealing.nz

Mob: 0274196805

Waiheke Practice: 37 Crescent Rd West, Ostend, Waiheke Island.

Devonport Practice: 69 Church St, Devonport.

Postal address: 37 Crescent Rd West, Ostend, Waiheke Island, 1081. 


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