The ability to step into a peace within the heart, to share your own gift with others.


Lasavia Essences are the gift of vitality of plants, minerals and insects delivered to you with the utmost care.  The resolve of Lasavia is to deliver to you Elemental Healing through the introduction of an Essence into your being.  We suggest you put a few drops in water and take a moment to be inspired by the qualities of the Essence that you have chosen.



PounamuThe Pounamu remedy was made from a kahurangi pounamu under a pohutukawa tree above Putiki Bay on Waiheke island. It was made to support a land healing process along the peninsula that is one of the headlands that comes out where the Okahuiti stream enters the bay.

Here is a story of pounamu and how it arrives in New Zealand. Poutini is the ancestor of pounamu and is a star, and his tribe are the pounamu people. Where pounamu comes from, in the great ocean Poutini, the guardian of pounamu quarrelled with Tutunui. Tutunui was a great whale and wanted the ocean for his followers and Poutunui demanded that pounamu be regarded as a fish, whereas Tutunui regarded it as a stone.

Here the paradox of material form. It isn’t solid and immovable and yet it is. Here is the fish ponamu or like a fish we enter into stone. Here in Pounamu the heart, the balance of intelligence with emotions, a way of conveying depth and stillness to movement and community. Spaciousness, matter entwined into the dreamworld, pounamu crosses over and into and through.

A battle ensued where the sandstone people were enlisted by Tutunui, Poutini was defeated and brought the pounamu to Aotearoa. A long journey to find home, they landed at Tuhua (Mayor Island) Tuhua is mostly obsedian and it bared its teeth to pounamu. Further did pounamu need to come to find its home until it found it in the west coast of the South Island. There lies Inanga pounamu, pearly white, translucent, the little freshwater fish Galaxias maculatus. Kahurangi Pounamu a vivid shade of green, the clearness of sky, Kawakawa pounamu the leaves of kawakawa with all the shades, the flecks and inclusions; and Tangiwai pounamu, clear glass tears that come from great sorrow.

Pounamu only occurs in the South Island of new Zealand. The two main types of Pounamu are nephrite and bowenite. The pounamu bearing rocks were raised to the earths surface by movement and collision along a plate boundary. The rock is eroded through the action of streams, rivers and past glaziers, this frees the pounamu.

The Essence

To remember that harmonious relationships did exist. To be able to step into a peace within the heart. Ability to share your own gift with others.

Pounamu is the stone that reminds me of the transmutability of matter. It is a reminder of the energy behind matter and the nature of eather. This particular remedy is excellent in land healing work where spirits that are trapped through war, violence or distress can find a way to be released. The essence integrates the elements water and earth. Water has the attributes of immersion. Through the element of water we immerse ourselves in an experience. The positive qualities of this is that we are able to stay connected to what we know as ourselves and be able to discern what we are merging with. This merging with helps us to understand in a feeling way the quality of the other as separate yet connected to ourselves. This enables us to be more fluid in our ability to not only merge with something but to also let it go.

This remedy works deep within the heart. Within the energetic qualities of the heart is the inner heart and the outer heart, The outer heart is connected to the actions and activities that we partake in the world. The inner heart is our connection to our inner divinity. I find working with the pounamu remedies helps to allow a the fluid connection between the inner and the outer heart enabling our actions to be connected to our inner divinity.