Lasavia Healing is developing new training & essences in shamanic practice

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Lasavia Healing offers training in shamanic practice, working with the medicine sphere in co-creative circle

Lasavia Healing workshops and courses work with the structure of the medicine sphere, honouring the east, north, west, south, the above, the centre and the below. In each realm we find a reflection of ourselves that offers insight and integration, and through experiencing and sharing these insights we are able to learn from ourselves and each other.

This training accentuates the naturalness of our spirituality and the need for acute observation and awareness. These courses are transformative, designed to support each of us to access our individual gifts, bring our lives into a spiritual context and connect with our natural environment.

Lasavia Essences: Plant, mineral and insect essence remedies

Lasavia arises out of the understanding of the spiral; that we all arise from source and are connected to all things through this unity. Life is a continual metamorphosis, as we act through our personality to gain experience and knowledge in the world.

Most people through their lives experience disharmony through conditioning (ancestral and cultural), emotional disharmony and a disconnection to the soul and to nature through crisis or simply managing their life on a daily basis. Lasavia is a gateway through nature to a connection to our soul’s blueprint.

Illness can also be beneficial in that it indicates the conflict that lies within us and that an essential part of the healing process is the work we need to do upon ourselves. The patterning of our psychological condition sets up a rhythm in the body that can distort its normal workings, The remedies will work on the subtler bodies and act upon the pattern that is causing the disharmony.