Integrating ancient wisdom and shamanic practices with our contemporary world

Within the Lasavia course ‘Into the World’ together we look deep inside ourselves to understand our patterns, meet our spiritual allies and guides in this work.

Palm Beach, Waiheke Island


July 5-7

Aug 2-4

Sept 6-8

Oct 11-13

Nov 8-10

Nov 29-Dec 1

 Friday evenings 6 – 9.30pm
Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 5pm

$2,880  ($480 per workshop)
Payment plans and accommodation available

To register your interest for this course, please email or contact Meggan: +64 27 4 646 913
To register your interest for this course, please email or contact Meggan: +64 27 4 646 913

Into The World 

Year 1 

In this established course we invite you to dive deep into a foundation of learning that integrates ancient wisdom with contemporary living. Through observation and the imaginal mind we explore the mystical, the natural world and our unique relationship to the world around us. This is an experiential course, held within the old wisdom of the medicine sphere. There are six weekend workshops with each workshop designed to build on each other and includes shamanic journeying, plant spirit medicine, ancestral patterning and healing. We take an indepth look into Lasavia Healing vibrational remedies and how to use them. We particularly value upholding the unique gifts each person has and how this can be valued through community.

This course includes Leila’s book Into the World and a set of six Lasavia vibrational remedies, the weeds. It also includes accommodation for those who need it.

This course is the first course of four courses. These courses are an extraordinary excursion into healing, ways of perception, deepening our unique abilities, soul retrieval and other shamanic healing practices. To keep it intimate our groups are limited to eight people.

This is a unique opportunity to work with experienced teacher, writer and healer Leila Lees.


Workshop One – Beginning our foundation – Self nourishment – Mana.

In this first workshop we introduce the medicine sphere. Sensing the directions for ourselves we learn the subtle shifts of energies and how we see and perceive, developing an inner compass – how we experience through the body and through symbol. We look at the protocols of a co-creative circle. Through shamanic journeying we find our power animal– in discovering this relationship we study the gesture of our power animal – the essential nature and how that connects to us – from here we begin to respect and acknowledge our difference and also our connection.

Supporting remedy: Chickweed

Workshop Two – Relationship and Connection

In this workshop we become conscious of our own power in the etheric world demonstrated through body dreaming, and through this experience learning how we see and perceive the non-physical. We become present to protocol and how we may accidentally merge with another. Through exploring this we begin to understand what it is to be inside our own body and learn about clearing through connection, grounding and how we are in relationship to what it is we are clearing. We encourage self-responsibility, we look at resonance and we deepen peoples understanding of symbolic language. We explore our unique relationship with a divine force, how we name this and what this might mean for each person.

Supporting remedy: Cleavers

Workshop Three – Enquiry and Belief

The intention of this workshop is to bring awareness to patterns of thinking, how we approach learning and how knowledge transforms us, particularly how it can influence how we see and act. Through shamanic journeying we meet our spiritual teacher; how the spiritual teacher shows up and how they work with us is a fascinating and beautiful exploration, learning and understanding symbols that the teacher may work with. How we receive knowledge, and embody it. Finding our place of learning.

Supporting remedy: Comfrey

Workshop Four – Warrior, Ethics, Shadow and Self-reflection.

We build more deeply our understanding of the medicine sphere, developing our ability to listen to our own knowing. Through shamanic journeying we meet our warrior to see how the warrior is with his/her community, their tools/weapon and their shield/protection. We enquire how they bring their spiritual work into everyday life. We look at the importance of play, agility and movement. Exploring how projection works and what strategies we have to make sure we do not wear what others project onto us. Understanding protection we also look at the positive ways of protection and how to let go of protection that does not serve us anymore. Learning practises of self-reflection and a beginning exploration into mirrors and shadow.

Supporting remedy: Cress

Workshop Five – Spiritual Ancestors

In this workshop we explore our relationship to place. We journey to the wise one, a creature in the underworld. We see how we are to be with this wisdom that is imparted to us. We also journey deeply into the earth to explore what is the wisdom held inside of earth. There is a celebration, a connection and a listening to land and the ancestors of place. We meet the spiritual ancestors and receive some symbol or token that brings forward a practise of connection to these beings.

Supporting remedy: Dandelion

Workshop SixAncestral Patterns

This workshop is designed to facilitate a healing encounter with our ancestors. Through shamanic journeying we journey to the upper world to the place of the ancestors to meet an ancestor ally, looking at positive traits and what we can celebrate within ourselves and the landscape of the place of the ancestors. We move to a process of core shamanic counselling where one person facilitates and supports the other person to look at an over-riding ancestral pattern that impacts their life.

Supporting remedy: Scotch Thistle


“The work of Lasavia Healing has opened up the door to a beautiful and challenging pathway… which I am lovingly walking!” – Clara
“The work of Lasavia Healing has influenced me in many different ways: ever deepening my nature connection, especially to plants, also through the essences as well as the animal kingdom. It has helped me understand the importance of ethics in working in healing and  in working in co-creative circle. As a person who has disliked structure for most of my life I am finally learning to appreciate structure and discipline in spiritual practice as an anchor. I have learned so much about myself (light and shadow) and our shared humanity, our human journey through life that it has made me more empathic with myself and others, more forgiving, more loving. It has brought much healing into my life, though I might have a feeling that it never ends. The importance of self-care as well.” – A.F

This course deepened my connection to my inner self and my connection with the natural world in ways I couldn’t of imagined. I loved working, exploring and sharing in circle learning from each other while being held by Leila’s beautiful teachings and the energies of the medicine sphere. – M.

It has deepened my connection to myself and spirit. – Caroline

I never realised that spirituality could be grounded until I did this course. This course has taught me how to connect with my spirituality while still being grounded in my physical experience which has always been a challenge for me. – S.J

Hugely transformative. – Deah

I finally understand my way of ‘seeing’ and that it is unique to me. It has helped me accept who I am and the gifts I have to offer. – Melanie

This course has helped me know myself as a healer and has enhanced my healing practice. – J.Y.


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