Integrating ancient wisdom and shamanic practices with our contemporary world

Taught by Leila Lees.

Total: $2880 ($480 per workshop).

Payment plans and accommodation available.

The Divine Imagination is a course that builds on the insights, explorations and the inner work that is covered in the Into the World course. The pre-requisite of this course is to have completed ‘Into the World.

    The Divine Imagination

The Divine Imagination deepens our inner work, allows for an exploration of our gift encompassed in the shadow, and have the resilience and compassion to meet our shadow selves. It is about understanding and working with emotions, integrating our shamanic walk; where one foot is in both the spirit world and the physical world. We begin an inquiry into the experience of ghosts and entities and dimensional beings like elementals. Ultimately, we explore the divine imagination, spiritual correspondences and becoming aware of how to navigate the visionary aspects of ourselves and where we may be enticed into an illusionary world. How do we perceive the difference between the aligned divine imagination and illusion? This is the beauty of our work together. All our circles are held within the medicine sphere, and are begun in gratitude and prayer. This course connects with Aotearoa’s native forest and brings forward some of the plants and trees to support our work and a proportion of the course is outside in our forests.

 Workshop One -The Healing Capacity of the Imaginal Mind.

This workshop is our entry into the divine imagination.

We reconnect with the wise one, through a journey to the underworld, exploring how we access our wisdom.

We look at reflection, the moon, vision, the notion of dimensions, and spiritual correspondences.

In this workshop we discuss experiences with ghosts and entities.

Plant spirit medicine – hangehange.


Workshop Two – The Shadow and the Gift.

 In this workshop we journey with the warrior to meet our shadow.

We may discover how often our gift or our particular talent may be hidden in the shadow.

We explore our creative practice and how through creativity we may hone our skills and talents.

Plant spirit medicine – karamu.


Workshop Three – Beauty, Wholeness Through Being with our Emotions

Through an experiential approach to the medicine sphere we explore the rich territory of emotions.

We look at the effect on our thoughts, the upheaval of thoughts and how to navigate a changing external world.

Plant spirit medicine – kotukutuku.


Workshop Four – Patterns in Daily Life and Relationships

In this workshop we bring awareness to the invisible patterns and often invisible work that happens all around us and in our community. Through play we touch into intuition and discover hidden aspects of ourselves.

We also begin to think about what is inner alignment, how do we give space in our lives to contemplate and to play. In this workshop we open a door to an elemental realm.

Plant spirit medicine – pōhuehue.


Workshop Five – Sacred Crafting

Through the process of crafting a shamanic rattle, we journey to its purpose and we partake in an old pathway of crafting in group. Through this process we also explore structure in our lives and how structure can support us to grow.

Plant spirit medicine – Nikau.


Workshop Six – Healing

This workshop weaves through all the pieces that we have discovered through shadow and emotions.

There is exploration and insight into our individual process within a community setting as we walk a labyrinth together. There is a component of this workshop where we look at how we do ritual and what is the purpose of ritual.

We discuss healing as an exploration of what lies beneath symptoms and facilitated throughout the workshop is healing through the use of the shamanic rattle.

Plant spirit medicine – Ponga.

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Dates 2024

Feb 16th-18th

March 15th-17th

April 19th-21st

May 31st-June 2nd

June 28th-30th

July 19th-21st

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