Divine Imagination

Dates 2024

March 15th-17th
April 19th-21th
May 17th-19th
June 28th-30th
July 19th-21th
Total: $2880 or $480 per workshop
Payment plans and accommodation available.


In this second year course, we bring the medicine wheel into greater personal and group practices. Through the support of the medicine wheel we examine our shadow, we look at how, what we carry in our unconscious, is impacting our life and those around us. We work with the native plant remedies as a basis to the work and look at the heritage of plant communities, in our shamanic journeying we meet the wise one in the underworld.

Again through the medicine wheel we walk and discover our journey through life, we explore the place of learning and walk with awareness to the emotions that arise and start to understand the emotions as indicators and ways to work with patterns. In this journey we are starting to do emotional healing. We look at our relationship with the material world, sacred art and sacred creation. Stillness and observation meditation. The art of being present.

We work with the Native Plant Remedies, connecting with them through place.