Cleansing. Celebrating natural beauty. Healing the imprint and damage that greed does to land.

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Lasavia Essences are the gift of vitality of plants, minerals, insects and birds delivered to you with the utmost care.  The resolve of Lasavia is to deliver to you Elemental Healing through the introduction of an Essence into your being.  We suggest you put a few drops in water, drink and take a moment to be inspired by the qualities of the Essence that you have chosen.



“Light can be a source of inspiration as well as the means of revelation. When light sparkles on water, catches and animates a face, shines through the leaves of a tree, or gently illuminates a misty morning, we, as artists, are captivated and inspired. Yet light itself is an elusive and transitory thing.”
– from Light: How to See It, How to Paint It, by Lucy Williams

“Islamic artists wrote in gold on leaves so fragile to remind us of our transient nature. They often gifted this most exquisite art to a king to remind him of the true nature of our lives. In my mind, I visit the clematis flowers like white stars draping themselves over the kanuka in the spring. I see the small white pratia in the short mountain summers, the light fairy-like koromiko flowers, the dragonfly and the butterfly transient delicate beauty and the nature of the tiny part of this life in counterpoint to a star that is an incomprehensible distance away.”
– from Piripai, by Leila Lees

This remedy was created at Waikoropupu Springs near Takaka in the Tasman district on the 29th September 2003. It is not entirely about a diamond, the diamond is more the clear conduit for the nature and taniwha guardian Huriawa, of Waikoropupu Springs to come through into this remedy. It is also about the transient nature of light and beauty.

It was made with friend and colleague Oraina Jones. The diamond used was supplied by a friend on Waiheke Island. The diamond was small bright and exceedingly hard.

The making of this remedy has left a vivid imprint on my mind and I can remember with clarity every detail of the walk through the Waikoropupu Reserve, carrying the remedy through the forest with soft rain falling and sun slanting through the rain.

The beauty of the small droplets of water on the leaves with the sun shining through, created shimmering sparkling diamonds in every drop of water. These droplets of rain that hung from the leaves of the forest touched the clear glass and ran into the glass bowl mixed with the diamond and water collected from a small outlet of the springs. When this remedy was being made it so happened that we were the only visitors there.

Waikoropupu Springs is New Zealand’s largest freshwater spring. It gushes out an average of 14 cubic metres every second.  In 1993 scientists from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research measured 63 metres of perfect horizontal visibility. The water is also uniformly cold at 11.7 degrees Celcius.

In recent history, gold miners cleared the forest to build races for sluicing alluvial gold, and a mining company worked the area until 1910.

Part of this remedy brings to the surface the de-sacralising of beauty through greed. The human relationship with both diamond and gold have this unsavoury history. It’s also interesting to note the derivations of the word diamond – they come from the Greek, some meanings are ‘I overpower’ and ‘I tame’. It also can mean ‘unbreakable’.

The natural diamond is formed at high temperature at depths of 140-190 km in the Earth’s mantle. They are brought close to the Earth’s surface through deep volcanic eruptions by magma.

The water at Waikoropupu Springs comes up through a fault combined with an area of very thin cap allowing the pressurised system to burst up, thus creating the springs.

The Essence

Cleansing. Understanding there is no permanence in life. See clearly, listen attentively, celebrating natural beauty. Healing the imprint and damage that greed has done to land.

Diamond is one of the remedies that can be used to clear human imprinting on land. Particularly in places where people have acted upon the land without any consideration that it may be an alive and responsive entity, rather they have seen it as something inert that they can take from. This projection on to land as being ‘dead’ enables people to take from it without having to see and be with the responsibility and consequences of their actions.

The Diamond remedy, through intention, can begin to clear where there has been genocide or where there has been a misuse of power through the ancestral line. When humans project onto something or people, (who are often innately beautiful), that they are less than or even evil in their mind, means they can then decimate or control or take from them. We are all connected and impacted by this scarring on a soul level. This is in our history and is happening today. This remedy taken during and after work on ancestral lineage will support and integrate the work and enable us the strength and courage to acknowledge it. It can be used when you are a victim of a thief, either physically or psychically.

The diamond works deep within the inner qualities of the spirit. It brings revelations about the level of your courage. It supports the spiritual traveller to stay connected to his or her inner gift, despite circumstances and people who throw the traveller off course. I am reminded of the story of Peronnik, who was the village simpleton. In the story, he is the one who manages to find the holy grail when all the greatest knights failed. He simply stayed true to himself and his path.

The nature of the transience of life and celebration of beauty is key to the Diamond essence. It is the beauty of our participation in the world itself and our perception of this world, rather than feeling the need to own or capture this.

Use for clearing spaces and oneself of heavy suppressing energy.

The Essence

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