Bee, Pi Honi – Community



bee knows where they belong, they know their work and their role, knowing your expertise within a social context, accessing our own life force


Lasavia Essences are the gift of vitality of plants, minerals and insects delivered to you with the utmost care.  The resolve of Lasavia is to deliver to you Elemental Healing through the introduction of an Essence into your being.  We suggest you put a few drops in water, drink and take a moment to be inspired by the qualities of the Essence that you have chosen.



Apis mellifera

Essence: Knowing your expertise within a social context. Balancing individuality and self-determination with working towards the common good of a community or enterprise.

Use: Use for when there is a conflict of ideas that block progress in a project or enterprise. Bee works to help identify the shadow-self at work within a relationship and helps to transform that by recognizing the part that we play in the outcome of our lives and relationships.

Description: A whole hive hums and resonates, and you can have hives next to each other, and yet a bee knows which hive they belong to.
The bee has antennae with powerful sense organs for touch and smell. Recent research has found that they possess a plastic sense of smell – that they can discern shapes through scent. Bees are sensitive to electrical fields and can sense the earth’s magnetic fields, which they use in navigation and possibly comb building.
The worker bees carry their own weight in nectar and pollen. Each worker visits approximately a thousand flowers every day. The duties of the workers are multitudinous. They are the builders, brood nurses, honey makers, pollen stampers, guards, porters and foragers.

Meaning: The bee is an individual acting for the whole. When we bring that wisdom to ourselves we begin to understand that we are not separate, even though we see ourselves as individual. There is a strong sense that the bee knows where they belong, they know their work and their role. The bee remedy supports us in accessing our own life force. It shows us how one small part is connected to the whole, one aspect of pattern within a bigger pattern, a vibrating interconnection to a vast detailed ecosystem. It enables us to experience our environment through movement and the life force all around.
Bees call attention to what is important and to attend to what has been neglected. There is an experience of abundance in this remedy in that it offers a connection to source and an understanding of unity. It allows a knowledge of receptivity and nourishment through an encounter with a rich, mellifluous life force. This remedy expresses a sense of joy and peacefulness, supporting a pathway of action that we may have been blind to.