Remedy for Trauma of Illness


A blend of essences: Rose Quartz, Diamond, Cicada, Clematis, Yarrow, Karamu


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This remedy sustains and supports people to find their way through serious illness. For people suffering from chronic illnesses, it enables them to evolve their relationship with the illness without stagnation or being consumed by it. We should use this remedy when we have lost sight of wellness, leading to despair and overwhelm. It is helpful for people suffering from unknown and undiagnosed illnesses. It brings us back to being present to what is, without leaping ahead to any expected outcome. It helps with the feeling of being in limbo as medical authorities try to eliminate causes. This remedy enables us to feel what personal actions we may take to care for ourselves.

This remedy is also helpful for those who are too focused on the illness and have lost sight of wellness. In the consuming presence of illness, this remedy is like a small hand reaching out. This is wisdom, this hand and your hand, to hold together as you perceive a new outlook, helping to be in relationship with the illness without being consumed by it. There is no force of will in this remedy, rather an ability to be flexible in the face of great constriction.

This remedy works with our aloneness with the illness. It allows for this. This is often what illness requires. Animals go off alone, trusting aloneness with the illness is required. Give space to transition. These are crucial times for a caregiver, the loving one, because they may want to hover and look after you, but they need to listen to the need of the ill person. In the aloneness you sometimes find your alignment, or you get to hear the smaller or quieter voices within, a space away from the thick of people projections.

It is made up of a blend of rose quartz, diamond, cicada, clematis, yarrow, and karamū essences.