Remedy for Trauma of Illness


A blend of essences: Rose Quartz, Diamond, Cicada, Clematis, Yarrow, Karamu


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A blend of essences: Rose Quartz, Diamond, Cicada, Clematis, Yarrow, Karamu

This remedy sustains and supports people to find their way through serious illness. For chronic illness; it enables a person to evolve their relationship with the illness without stagnation or being consumed by it. For when people have lost sight of wellness; leading to despair and overwhelm.

For unknown and undiagnosed illness. There is a fear here, coming back to being present to what is, without leaping ahead to any expected outcome it is like being present to what is. There is also the difficulty of being in limbo as medical authorities try to eliminate causes through a mechanistic approach, this remedy enables us to feel what personal actions we may take to care for ourselves.

This remedy is for those focused on the illness and have lost sight of wellness. For those who feel they are out of their depth and are in overwhelm. And for those that have felt the tragic loss of loved ones through sudden or longterm illness. This remedy works around the heart and the heart’s understanding of wellness and what is required for the inner alignment of wellness. This can take no time if allowed and trusted fully. This remedy also works with fears and fear of illness.

In the consuming presence of illness, a small hand reaches out from it. A small hand like a child learning to walk, a child underneath the ravages of illness. This is wisdom, this hand and your hand, to hold together as you perceive a new outlook. Like walking with a one-year-old. Allowing one to be present to the illness without falling into it – helping to be in relationship with the illness without being consumed by it.

There is no force of will in this remedy, rather an ability to be flexible in the face of great constriction. Through the navigation is an embrace of wholeness, it’s like this sight of wholeness allows us to make our way through this trauma.

This essence works with our aloneness with the illness. It allows for this. This is what often illness requires. Animals go off alone – trusting when aloneness with the illness is required and how to convey that timing to others. Give space to transition. These are crucial times as a caregiver, the loving one, to listen to the need of this even though they want to hover and look after you. In the aloneness you sometimes find your alignment or you get to hear the smaller or quieter voices within. A space gifted without being in the thick of people’s projections.

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