Lasavia Healing Insect Essences



Lasavia Healing Essences box sets allow you to enter into a dynamic process of attuning to your needs on a daily weekly, monthly or occasional basis. The benefit is that they are there to assist you with the distinct gifts that each essence brings.

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The Insects Collection

Insects are the most diverse group of animals, including more than a million described species and represent over half of all known living organisms. Yet few people take the time to get to know them and many consider them pests. In bringing forward this range of remedies, I aim to examine our relationship with these insects, and hope to change our view a little. It’s worthwhile to connect and observe their gesture, their habits, and in doing so, see their participation and contribution to the world we inhabit. All of these remedies are created energetically through the conduit of water and are then preserved in brady. They have been made with the living insect nearby; each remedy has the energetic vibration of the insect, and each has its own unique story.


  •  Bee – Balances individuality and self-determination with working towards the common good of a community or enterprise.
  •  Cicada – The gift to surrender to your limitations. To be able to surrender to the fact.
  •  Cricket – Releasing self restriction.
  •  Paper Wasp – Assists in maintaining personal boundaries.
  •  Praying Mantis – To sever persistent thought processes that take you back to pain.
  •  Tree Weta – Warming and moving what has been frozen through trauma.