Remedy for Interrupting Negative Thought Patterns


Pohuehue, Kotukutuku, Kotare, Diamond, Selfheal, Rose Quartz.
The colour is the purple of Selfheal flower and the picture is Selfheal.


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A blend of essences: pohuehue, kotukutuku, kotare, diamond, selfheal, rose quartz

This remedy brings consciousness to our thoughts; the connection between thoughts and emotions, when thoughts disrupt action and when we are stuck and stagnate through negative thoughts.

Thoughts lead you, thought comes before form, thought is part of the creative process. At times thoughts need freedom to wander and create unto themselves. To daydream is to allow the expression of your own mind, to let your thoughts float and wander, this allows them to communicate your fears and desires. The trick to this is to observe without hooking in with your emotions. Observe as you may observe another and do not judge, allow them to be. Once you have gleaned what they wish to express deep down, harness them in again and put them to work. Enjoy them, guide them and understand them. Your emotions will be your indicator, if you are on-track or off-track, as your thoughts are here to serve you, inspire you and all of who you are becoming. Let them serve you in interesting and positive ways.

This remedy breaks old patterns of thought, those ones created but do no longer serve you. Often, we hold on to negative thoughts through fear of the unknown. Some people are vulnerable to other people’s thinking and become overwhelmed in social situations due to this sensitivity. This essence helps to establish a boundary and a way of perceiving what we pick up from others and what we generate ourselves. Dark thoughts of self-judgement and self-hatred can be debilitating as they cycle around and these repeating negative thoughts are usually a consequence of trauma.

This remedy can also bring in a sharpness and a clarity of mind.

I find I have a feeling of sadness. I notice a dance with it, sometimes clumsy – as if I wish to avoid it, sometimes graceful as if I can be in the flow and trust it. I wonder that I might interrupt sadness to shy from unknown grief.
The emotions are like waves for my thoughts to hold to and move with, and I see well-trodden pathways of thoughts so familiar that I hardly realise I have fallen along these paths. As I take this essence I see small sparks, like a starter button for a gas stove. I see a butterfly, so light, that the wings are transparent. There are more butterflies and the colour of their wings are blue, they rise up and their wings touch, up into a summer blue sky. When I look up the blue becomes white as the sun is bright and I am left blinking as I have interrupted the trench of thoughts for this unknown expanse.
There are leaping thoughts, associations, like the butterfly that alights only for a moment, and so the thoughts become free-flowing. And in amongst all of this I remember my breath that was laid down somewhere. I pick up my breath and I pick up the nothing, for I have lost the hook.
The hook that hooked the piece in my mind and emotion, that was sewed in place to the trench, as my head led my trench walk and trampled down the earth so dense, and now as I lift up, I wonder at the stitchwork in my head. I marvel at the mechanics of my thoughts that fell to devouring themselves without my notice.