This series of remedy blends addresses how we participate in group consciousness and how we impact and are impacted by the crowd. We are living in an era of rapid change and tumult, many of us are re-examining our ethics and the social responsibility of living through a global health crisis, where we are faced with the consequences of our choices. Through this time, I have come to realise that as part of a multitude of inhabitants of this earth I hold a responsibility for this earth I exist in. This is where our understanding of the collective consciousness, the power that is innate in this and how to find our way, connecting with our communities and the larger global community becomes a crucial act of love.

We want to be part of the community, to be active and creative, to stay integral to our own truth and yet open to new ideas and evolution. It is time to look at what is healthy culture where we are well enough as a group to have leisure, home and share resources. The collective arises from thought and emotions. There is a value of the collective over the individual; the value being the ability to socialize, co-operation, and co-ordination towards something greater than is possible when working as an individual. Humans are gregarious, they naturally herd together and so in creating these remedies I hope that these remedies may assist us in being part of diverse and intelligent communities.

We are releasing two remedies in this series; The collective heart and the collective mind. I have always understood the collective mind as a field. This particular field might have belief systems or a way of perception and this field gets built by us, and there is an energy exchange. Some of these collectives are big and some small and some connect to each other and merge. Sometimes we find that the people around us are all connected to the same field and we find ourselves influenced by this field. Sometimes there is a collective trauma and this becomes a field we experience together.

As humans, we naturally congregate and are often not always discerning as to how we are impacted by the collective mind. There is understanding through occult how the collective mind is manipulated and of course how fast we can be influenced into believing in something that may be only a fragment of a greater whole of understanding and therefore it may create distortion in how we perceive. The collective mind does influence how we perceive and think, it also influences our belief systems and patterns of behaviour that arise from these beliefs and thoughts. When this influence goes against our inner feeling, we can sometimes become disturbed and want to suppress that inner uprising of emotion or thoughts because it seems to go against the collective.

As I worked with the concept of the collective heart with groups, I came to understand the power of responding to wholeness. For the collective heart is connected to earth and directly communicates with nature intelligence. I started to understand that for our evolution of consciousness, we need both the grounded and the connection to the collective heart as well as the collective mind. It is through the heart that we may discern and keep in context, the information and ideas that move through the collective mind, to the whole.

The collective mind remedy is connected to masculine qualities of movement and inspiration. The collective heart has the quality of the feminine, a sense of being held within the whole. The collective heart remedy shows the wisdom through the world around us. The collective mind shows how thoughts and perceptions arrive through the etheric realms as collective consciousness.

These remedies have emerged through a collaborative project around the collective with Meggan Young.