Nikau – Nourishment



nikau creates a nourishing structure with beauty of design to help you flourish in your life, nīkau is resilient and deeply rooted, acceptance of differences


Lasavia Essences are the gift of vitality of plants, minerals and insects delivered to you with the utmost care.  The resolve of Lasavia is to deliver to you Elemental Healing through the introduction of an Essence into your being.  We suggest you put a few drops in water, drink and take a moment to be inspired by the qualities of the Essence that you have chosen.


Nikau by Leila Lees Lasavia HealingNikau

Rhopalostylis sapida

Essence: Nīkau brings a natural reverence for the ordinary aspects of life. It creates a nourishing structure with beauty of design to help you flourish in your life. Nīkau brings forward the knowledge of community, that we need interdependent relationships and non-exclusive processes to build healthy groups and community.

Use: Use for experiences of separation and isolation, or when we feel disconnected from our purpose. Nīkau allows us to see the purpose of boundaries. At the same time, it opens us to the realization that everything is interconnected.

Description: Nīkau is New Zealand’s only species of native palm. It’s also the world’s most southern naturally-growing palm. The leaves are fronds, and the trunk is ringed by the frond scars. The flowers bloom in the early spring and are enclosed in two spathes. The flowers are arranged in groups of three along the inflorescent branches. Each group comprises a small female flower sitting in-between two male flowers. The male flowers drop off and the female flowers open later. When it fruits, the kererū love the small red berries.

Meaning: Nīkau aids in an acceptance of difference, which has the effect of both softening and defining the boundaries. Boundaries become natural rather than imposed. Through acceptance of difference, an innate respect arises. Nīkau is resilient and deeply rooted. It represents the quality of staying in one place and the contribution to the place and community that comes from being settled. Knowledge can be gained by spending time in one place.
Nīkau brings an understanding that everything is in relationship to everything else, that we can’t change reality to our liking. This is a remedy that is helpful for those who demand that the world bend to their will. It wakes them up to see that they can’t push the river against its flow and that there is abundance and nourishment in the proper way. It encourages a more community-anchored action grounded in a wider vision of consequence.