These blends are the collaboration between Leila Lees and Meggan Young. They have been created due to the many enquiries and requests of people who have struggled in various aspects of their lives through the consequence of trauma. More people are desiring wholeness and finding courage to live connected to their environment and aligned with spirit. Trauma disrupts this. Through the naming of these blends the components became clear, inter-relating to the layered complexity of trauma.

The elemental beings are important in the creation of these remedies and we have worked in collaboration with these beings. The elemental dimension is not accessed in the world of focus and doing but in the spaces that are around and within. Creating these blends is commensurate with a quality of listening that involves meeting the elemental kingdom through the essential components of physical form. What ensued is a form of alchemy, where as alchemists we have participated and experienced the nuances of these essences in the making of them.

We recommend that the essence of choice be taken over time, a few drops three times a day. When taking them, pause and observe what arises. These essences are an invitation for you to participate in what they offer.