Lasavia Healing

Founded by Leila Lees, Lasavia means life force, and is encompassed in the spiral, symbolic of life in movement.

Lasavia Healing provides training, resources and mentoring for transformative growth.

Leila Lees

Leila Lees

Founder, Lasavia

Leila is a teacher and facilitator in nature awareness, shamanism and plant spirit medicine. She has a range of vibrational medicine and works with the medicine of our nature allies on an energetic and emotional level.

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We value diversity and encourage the growth of an individual’s particular gift, within the support of a diverse community.
We value truth, and encourage the building of an intrinsic ethical foundation.
We value humility, understanding that we are part of a vast dynamic interconnected ecosystem
Our logo encompasses the concept of the three pathways: the mind, the heart and the pathway of devotion.
Our foundation is our participation and connection with nature.
Lasavia – the life force encompassed in the spiral, we all arise from source and are connected to all things through this unity.