Lasavia Healing offers training and resources for transformative growth

Lasavia Healing offers training and resources for transformative growth

Lasavia Healing offers training and resources for transformative growth

Lasavia Healing Essences
Nelson, 22 February 2019

Join Leila for an evening of exploration and information about vibrational medicine.

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Shamanic Practice
Equinox workshops
Fairfield House, Nelson
21-25 March 2019

A series of workshops to introduce and explore themes within Lasavia Healing, including an introduction to shamanic practice within co-creative circle, land healing, Lasavia Healing Essences workshop, and an exploration of ethics for practitioners.

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The Lasavia Course

The Lasavia course covers shamanic journeying, energy healing, personal transformation, shamanic counseling, soul retrieval, plant spirit medicine, nature awareness and land healing.

The foundation for the learning is the co-creative circle, gathering in sacred circle. This circle is where we invite the divine. Through this circle we may leave the world of limitations and enter into a powerful engagement with our potential. Through this consciousness we see into other dimensional states, allowing our perception of the world to be expanded, we start to push up against our belief patterns.

The full course is four years, allowing a deepening of connection to self, nature and spirit. If you have any queries, please contact Mary our Course Co-ordinator at

Year Two, Waiheke Island 2019

For people who have experience with Lasavia Healing work or similar, please contact Mary our Course Co-ordinator for application –

The course is six weekends:
Saturdays: 6pm – 10pm
Sundays & Mondays: 9:30am – 5pm

April 27/28/29 – May 18/19/20 – August 17/18/19 – October 12/13/14 – November 16/17/18 – December 14/15/16

Lasavia Healing is developing new courses, essences offerings & training in shamanic practice


We value diversity and encourage the growth of an individual’s particular gift, within the support of a diverse community.
We value truth, and encourage the building of an intrinsic ethical foundation.
We value humility, understanding that we are part of a vast dynamic interconnected ecosystem.
Our logo encompasses the concept of the three pathways: the mind, the heart and the pathway of devotion.
Our foundation is our participation and connection with nature.
Lasavia – the life force encompassed in the spiral. We all arise from source and are connected to all things through this unity.

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