Aotearoa New Zealand School of Shamanic Studies

Lasavia Healing Foundation Course
Year One: June 2021 – March 2022
Waiheke Island

The Divine Imagination is a hand book for mystical and shamanic practice. It contains theoretical understandings about non-physical phenomena: elementals, spirit guardians, entities, ghosts, ancestral spirits, plant spirits, power animals, spiritual teachers and more. It contains practical guides on how to become aware of and work with these phenomena including tasks, visualizations, and challenges for readers. It relates magical stories and anecdotes from Leila’s experience. It includes scholarly discussion of mystical thinkers and others: 18th century mystics, through occultism to contemporary shamanic thinkers. The book is a visual book that showcases Leila’s artwork. It contains selected mood images and visual references from artists whose work has passed into the public domain. The Divine Imagination is the sequel to Into the World which came runner up in the 2019 Ashton Wiley Awards. The book includes the course material for Lasavia Foundation Course, year two. It can also be read on its own.

Introductory Workshops
Co-creative training in Shamanic Practice

Lasavia Healing Foundation Courses

In the Foundation Course we work over two years, exploring our allies and guides in this work

Lasavia Healing offers training in shamanic practice, working with the medicine sphere in co-creative circle.

Lasavia Healing workshops and courses work with the structure of the medicine sphere, honouring the east, north, west, south, the above, the centre and the below. In each direction we find a reflection of ourselves that offers insight and integration, and through experiencing and sharing these insights we are able to learn from ourselves and each other.

This training accentuates the naturalness of our spirituality and the need for acute observation and awareness. These courses are transformative, designed to support each of us to access our individual gifts, bring our lives into a spiritual context and connect with our natural environment.

The Lasavia Healing Essences are the foundation and support for our teaching and are interwoven throughout.

Plant, insect, bird and mineral essences

Vibrational medicine, connection with the natural world

The Lasavia Healing Essences are created through an intensive gentle process that involves listening to the elemental kingdom.

The lineage that stands behind our essences arises from two pathways that come together, from a connection to the people and land of Aotearoa New Zealand and of people who connected, communicated and worked with the elementals spanning centuries through Britain and Europe.

Most people through their lives experience disharmony through conditioning (ancestral and cultural), emotional disharmony and a disconnection to the soul and to nature through crisis, trauma or simply managing their life on a daily basis. Lasavia Healing Essences are a gateway through nature to a connection to our soul’s blueprint, supporting the subtler bodies and acting upon the pattern that is causing the disharmony.

We offer individual essences, trauma blends and personal blends.

Foundational Essences

Discover the foundations of the Lasavia Healing range of essences, working at the level of blueprint towards deep inner connection and transformation >


Lasavia Healing offers training in shamanic practice and development of an intuitive connection to your deeper self >

Essences Consultations

This service provides the benefits of a one to one session. The consultation will identify the essences that will best serve you.

more info & booking >

individual and community consciousness through connection

We value diversity and encourage the growth of an individual’s particular gift, within the support of a diverse community.
We value truth, and encourage the building of an intrinsic ethical foundation.
We value humility, understanding that we are part of a vast dynamic interconnected ecosystem.
Our logo encompasses the concept of the three pathways: the mind, the heart and the pathway of devotion.
Our foundation is our participation and connection with nature.
Lasavia – the life force encompassed in the spiral. We all arise from source and are connected to all things through this unity.



Lasavia Healing was founded by Leila Lees on Waiheke Island, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Leila is a teacher and facilitator in nature awareness, shamanic practice and plant spirit medicine. She has created the Lasavia Healing Essences range of vibrational medicine, working with our nature allies on an energetic and emotional level. As a mediator between physical and non-physical dimensions, Leila has supported people to access their own inner guidance, enabling them to integrate their intuition and experiences of the non-ordinary world into their lives.

In supporting people to access their own gifts and talents, Leila brings people to an expanded awareness where we can access our own ability to connect with the energy infusing this physical world. Leila has trained shamanic practitioners and established sacred circles. Her teachings are the foundations of the Lasavia Healing Foundation and Diploma courses. She is also working on creating an online course in the Essences.

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