Cleavers – self-reliance, asking for help


essence in 50% brandy and water

When asking for help is something you find hard to do Cleavers can help you.  If you’re in a relationship where you are more dependent on someone than is good for you Cleavers will clear the air and give you space to step back and fall back on your own resources and inner resolve. Full Info Below ↓


Lasavia Healing Essences are the gift of vitality of plants, minerals and insects delivered to you with the utmost care. Our resolve is to deliver to you Elemental Healing through the introduction of an essence into your being.  Put a few drops in water, drink and take a moment to be inspired by the qualities of the essence that you have chosen.


Cleavers galium aparine

Cleavers‘It is familiarly taken in broth, to keep them lean and lank that are apt to grow fat.’
— Nicholas Culpepper, English herbalist, botanist and astrologer (1616-1654)

As I’m writing this, I’m drinking water that has had cleavers soaked in it. It has a lovely cucumber taste and cleanses my palette. When I first discovered cleavers, I was utterly surprised by its tiny flowers, like minute stars, and how the energy in the stem seems to stretch out. It wholly attracted my attention. It was as if it wouldn’t let go until I made a remedy from it.


The stems and leaves of Cleavers have very fine hooked bristles, which attach to passing objects, like Velcro. It also fastens itself to adjacent plants or shrubs and grows upwards. Its leaves are narrow, lance-shaped and are rough along the margins and surface. They grow around and along the square, and occasionally red-tinged, branching stem. The flowers are white, tiny, and star-like about 3 mm in diameter. It is self-fertile and pollinated by beetles and flies. The seeds are round and covered with hooked bristles. As children we used to call them biddibids and our clothes would often be covered in them. They readily cling to whatever they touch, ensuring dispersal of the seeds.
Cleavers could be invisible. It weaves through the other plants. It moves imperceptibly upwards, divaricating as it goes. Sometimes it is one endless stem showing up amongst the heads of blossom and lemon balm as a small, slightly hairy whorl. I saw one like this yesterday and I could not bring myself to break it. It had moved for so long, on this one small light-footed root, elongating itself, each leaf whorl a corolla for further extension. Usually cleavers tend to divaricate a little more creating new slender structures that reach up and out from these leaf whorls. The positioning of these leaf whorls along the stem can be as precise as the phalanges on your forefinger. In reflection I find a simple, beautiful symmetry in cleavers.
Cleavers has a range of folk names, Everlasting Friendship, Love-man, Catchweed, Grip Grasse, Sticky Willy, Kisses, and Hedgeheriff, each arising from its clinging nature. Hedgeheriff comes from Anglo Saxon hedge rife, a tax collector or robber, referring to cleavers habit of clinging to sheep. Edible and medicinal, it is a valuable diuretic. Can be taken as an infusion or works as a poultice on ulcers and sores or skins problems. It is a great spring tonic as it doesn’t grow all the year around and tends to show up in the spring.

The Essence

The medicine of cleavers works by cleaving to that which needs to be brought to light. It brings it to the light where it can then be worked upon. It enables us to find intention and be at ease in seeking the energies of curiosity and discovery. Cleavers by simply existing to seek the light, to seek renewal seems to cut through all weighty matters. Its lightly anchored root system enables it to let go and move to a new place to grow again. The point between the stem and the leaf is the point of integration. This integration is an acceptance of everything in that moment, exactly how it is.
The cleavers remedy clears the auric field and cleanses. It enables us to receive the appropriate support at any given moment. It has the ability to bring to it the things it needs. This remedy is helpful in putting in place interdependent partnerships, a reminder that we don’t have to be self-reliant in everything. It can clear a project of negative or heavy energies and is one of the remedies that can be used in house clearing or land healing.
Clearing and cleansing, it helps us reach out to the divine. It enables us to move out from staying in our own rubbish or old patterns of behaviour. It aids us in identifying and letting go of the old patterns and behaviours, as well as aiding us in reaching out to others when needed. Sometimes there’s a leap in our thinking. Cleavers can galvanise that. It calls out to us to wake up to where we are in our lives.

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