Remedy for Connection to Life Force



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A blend of essences: Kākā, Huia, Mulberry, Lupin, Chickweed, Cleavers

Connecting to life force is like participating in a dynamic field of energy. It is a force, it is the quality which moves you and moves through you. It is, in essence, what excites you, engages you and enhances you. We can lose life force when we turn away from the inner. Life force is connected to the soul. When we access our inner and act with life force then we become invigorated.

This remedy is for those that feel a disconnection to these states and places within themselves. This remedy will support this reconnection, it will allow the person to feel their way back to this connection. Understanding the connection and relationship between feeling alive and this connection is vital. When we are cut off from this connection there can be despair and disparity. Life force makes us visible. Sometimes we give up our life force because of conditioning and to be a part of the world as we think we should be.

I have an invitation to go into the river. I sense this river is part of me and yet I find it difficult to move, parts of me are invisible, I feel as if I am a ghost. There is a road between myself and the river, a road full of ghosts. As I seek to cross the road, I become immersed in a crowd of transparent people, they catch me up and I can no longer see the river. I become aware of the river by my side. I glimpse how my responsibility and desire to help people hooks me up, spinning me away with these ghosts, some I fall into, others I am dragged along. Some of these ghosts are stories pulling me backwards into the past.

I think river, I feel river and I begin to perceive the river, it is there always.
When I get to it, it is fine and clear. It is not a full river but a sinuous thread, crystalline. As I bring my attention to it, it enlivens and beads up like mercury. I feel uncertain how to greet it. If I dance, I might allow it to enter here. I touch the crown of my head. Instead, I gingerly place my feet in it. I feel concerned about how to treat it. I sense spirit guardians all around me, playful and then solemn as if teasing my cautious approach. How do I enter, write or speak to this? It is unknown. This causes me to not know how to be, to question myself, my appearance, my confidence. I become aware of soft moss and green and trees. I look up at the light that is refracting and creating multiple lights, sparkling around me. I am shown life force is also this and the moss and the droplets of water on the ferns. I am here.