Cress, Bitter – awakens the mind


essence in 50% brandy and water

Bright, sharp, awakens the mind, seeing a way through to right action.


Lasavia Healing Essences are the gift of vitality of plants, minerals and insects delivered to you with the utmost care. Our resolve is to deliver to you Elemental Healing through the introduction of an essence into your being.  Put a few drops in water, drink and take a moment to be inspired by the qualities of the essence that you have chosen.


Cress, Bitter cardamine hirsuta


This cress is small, humble, often invisible and yet its essence is bold and bright and sharp. It goes unnoticed in most people’s gardens and there is very little reference to it in most herbals. It’s a great little salad weed, its botanical name, cardamine, is from the Greek words for heart and subdue, the plant having once been used as a heart sedative. It is a small rosette-based annual, up to twenty-five centimeters tall, and a member of the mustard family. When, in the early spring, it flowers, the stems grow upright with few leaves and put forth small white flowers that quickly turn to seed. It can tolerate the cold, and Hugh Wilson in his book Stewart Island Plants, noted it grows around huts and houses there. I let this plant grow wild with the chickweed and in the early spring my whole garden was covered in small white flowers.


Bittercress has an alert, fluid quality. It is responsive and connects us to our hearts. It reminds us that our actions are best when we are aligned with our hearts. The nature of bitter cress is bright, sharp, of the trickster, and playful.

Bittercress is a remedy that helps us to take action at the right time while also allowing space to be restful. The remedy helps us to examine how we act and what we are acting from. It gives us clarity and perception, shows up rigidity and holds us to account. The cress creates a pathway towards the notion of embodiment. It has the ability to go through immense change and yet stays true to the essence. Therefore, as an essence it helps us to go through change enabling us to trust that what is true for us will come through. What I love about this essence is that it enables the ability to be disciplined without being overbearing upon oneself and on others.

The negative aspect of bittercress is slothfulness and procrastination, feeling unable to push through to the next stage of something, a state of being prepared to give up. Slothfulness is a reaction to work rather than creating space to relax.

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