Lasavia Healing Native Plant Essences



Lasavia Healing Essences box sets allow you to enter into a dynamic process of attuning to your needs on a daily weekly, monthly or occasional basis. The benefit is that they are there to assist you with the distinct gifts that each essence brings.

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The Native Plant Collection

The plants in this series of remedies are all made from the coastal broadleaf forest on Waiheke Island. Forests of Aotearoa, New Zealand, are unique in that 80% of the c 2300 species of flora are found nowhere else in the world. Most of the flowers of these plants are small, greenish to white, and attract moths and flies. Some, like the kōtukutuku, are pollinated by tūī and bellbirds. The fruits, however, tend to be colourful and fleshy to attract birds. I like to remember that our forests evolved with birds and moths rather than mammals. Forests are a collective and in making these essences I am always aware of the quality of the plant’s essence in relationship to its place within a wider community of trees, shrubs, ferns and palms.

– Leila

  • Hangehange – Reflection. Creating space in your life to slow down and connect to a different pace.
  • Karamū – Realising what nourishes us and growing our creativity.
  • Kotukutuku – Connection with grace and mana. Free yourself from social constrictions.
  • Pohuehue – An exuberant response to life, intensifies perception and helps links pathways in the mind.
  • Nikau – The ability to absorb and utilise nourishment, well-balanced, safe.
  • Ponga, Silver Fern –  A deep connection to nature, grounded and able to be still and meditative. Strong mind integrated with the heart.