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Lasavia Healing Essences box sets allow you to enter into a dynamic process of attuning to your needs on a daily weekly, monthly or occasional basis. The benefit is that they are there to assist you with the distinct gifts that each essence brings.

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The Native Plant Collection

The plants chosen in this first collection grow around me on Waiheke Island. The island would have been mostly broad-leaved coastal forest. Although it was burnt for pasture during the 1920s, it has significantly reforested in the last thirty years. Ponga and Kanuka formed the first wave of this reafforestation. I have an intimate relationship with all the plants in this first collection, and I have known some of them for a very long time. Particularly Pohuehue which was the predominate plant in the sand dunes where I grew up. It was beautiful to find it growing here, wild and tangled amongst the honeysuckle.

– Leila

  • Hangehange – Reflection. Creating space in your life to slow down and connect to a different pace.
  • Karamu – Realising what nourishes us and growing our creativity.
  • Kotukutuku – Connection with grace and mana. Free yourself from social constrictions.
  • Pohuehue – An exuberant response to life, intensifies perception and helps links pathways in the mind.
  • Nikau – The ability to absorb and utilise nourishment, well-balanced, safe.
  • Ponga, Silver Fern –  A deep connection to nature, grounded and able to be still and meditative. Strong mind integrated with the heart.

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