Weeds follow human occupation. Weeds have evolved with us. How fitting, therefore, that this range of remedies can effect a potent cure for our various ailments. I feel enriched by my relationship with these plants and in many ways feel their essence bringing me into life. I encourage you to get to know them for yourself, to take a moment to taste the dandelion leaf or place the flower in water to drink or gather the chickweed and the cress for your salads.

Into the World: a Handbook for Mystical and Shamanic Practice, by Leila Lees

A beautiful introduction to mystical and shamanic practice, this book covers the foundations of Lasavia Healing, and introduces the medicine wheel and the Wild Weed Essences.

“I wrote Into the World because I am passionate about human consciousness. As we begin to experience our own integral self and find our moral compass in our hearts, I see that we may create space for each other to exist. We do this within a dynamic community that is conscious of its interconnection with an even greater, more diverse ecosystem.”