Into the World: a Handbook for Mystical and Shamanic Practice, by Leila Lees



I wrote Into the World because I am passionate about human consciousness. As we begin to experience our own integral self and find our moral compass in our hearts, I see that we may create space for each other to exist. We do this within a dynamic community that is conscious of its interconnection with an even greater, more diverse ecosystem.

Runner up for the Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Book Awards 2019.



I started writing Into the World in notebooks with a fountain pen. There is something for me about good quality paper and a nicely weighted pen. My favourite time of writing is early morning, and I like to write in the studio where I have no electricity. I light the candle and settle myself in.

Into the World arose from teaching a series of workshops that are working with the Lasavia Healing Essences as a foundation of learning. As insights and understandings came through I would write and receive and sometimes record myself working around subjects like power, belief patterns, the mind and how we learn.

I started this particular series of teaching on Waiheke and in Wellington as I uncovered what I think of now as a blueprint of information. As I wrote I also studied, following winding pathways of alchemy, science, creativity and shamanism. I also responded to issues and questions that arose from students.

This book is the first of four books that cover this particular blueprint of experiential process and information. I see my work bridging a time of wisdom that centres around the concept of nature as within us, and our contemporary, complex and mostly materialistic world.


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