The plants in this series of remedies are all made from the coastal broadleaf forest on Waiheke Island. Forests of Aotearoa, New Zealand, are unique in that 80% of the c 2300 species of flora are found nowhere else in the world. Most of the flowers of these plants are small, greenish to white, and attract moths and flies. Some, like the kōtukutuku, are pollinated by tūī and bellbirds. The fruits, however, tend to be colourful and fleshy to attract birds. I like to remember that our forests evolved with birds and moths rather than mammals. Forests are a collective and in making these essences I am always aware of the quality of the plant’s essence in relationship to its place within a wider community of trees, shrubs, ferns and palms.

Into the World by Leila Lees

A beautiful introduction to mystical and shamanic practice, this book covers the main concepts of year one of the Certificate training.

“I wrote Into the World because I am passionate about human consciousness. As we begin to experience our own integral self and find our moral compass in our hearts, I see that we may create space for each other to exist. We do this within a dynamic community that is conscious of its interconnection with an even greater, more diverse ecosystem.”