Trauma Remedy for Children and Childhood



A blend of essences: Clematis, Sparrow, Heron, Comfrey, Chickweed

This remedy supports those that have suffered trauma as a child, trauma locked away never to be seen until a point in time or a trigger reveals it once again. It can also help to bring a childhood trauma up out of the darkness, as it rises to the surface there is an experience of gentle holding, enabling a person to be present with it for the first time.

For adults who focus on their trauma, it will help them let it go, let it go as part of their identity. We do not need to hold onto these traumas so tightly, a compassionate ear is often all it takes to shift it, whether it be from ourselves or others. Children who take this remedy will respond quickly and in this way the trauma will not be able to settle. It may dissipate as it moves through the etheric body. This remedy would also work with animals.

So often children may experience inequality and powerlessness to control their environment, they become experts at surrendering and making do with what is and what was told to them. This responsibility for our own environment is taken away from us at an early age. Adults often do not know how to allow a child the responsibility and ability to manage and control their environment in positive and intuitive ways that may serve them and be nourishing for them. This can be a trauma in itself.

You can work with this remedy alone, sit quietly with yourself and see what bubbles up within a contemplative silence.

There is beauty walking backwards. I am walking backwards slowly. Things become surreal, the way the grass grows tall and how the seeds shimmer in the wind and the sun. As I walk, I am a child and as a child I walk backwards. I am not quite earthly, I cannot seem to raise my eyes, it is as if I am hypnotized by some event, some event that I cannot fathom. As I am hypnotized towards it, I am pulled relentlessly away from it. Time is old and I am blinded by the present. As I pull away, I pull through filaments of light. I become disassociated and yet held in a place that I merge with place. I am safe this way, I am part of the shimmering seeds and the way the light is eternal. I am caught by the parts of things, yet cannot encompass the whole. This suits me because then I can remain lost and lost is safe, lost in the grass and the cutting light. Always there is in memory a hole, an odd piece, a broken part. There is beauty in this, I see how the remedy helps me to notice the beauty of the cracked vase, the forever broken, and I am drawn into the curiosity of it. I become curious of the story the child has to tell. I become able to listen whereas before I was trying to close the pieces or let the wind blow a grief song through the sharp angles of the sunlight through the corners of buildings. Now I listen without the need to hold. I trust the child and accept her unexpected pieces.


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