Integrating ancient wisdom and shamanic practices with our contemporary world

An online course
created by Leila Lees

We often think we need to interrupt our daily lives to connect to spirituality or to go on a retreat. This online course is about bringing who we are into our world, accessing the connection to the mystical during our every day lives.

• Learn about the inner self, the spiritual, intuitive and emotional centre within
• Explore how to create and act from the inner self
• Uncover the mystical within your experience of the day-to-day 
• Develop your unique pathway that allows for an open sensitivity
to the world around you.

A Sacred, Ordinary Life is about opening to our inner self, the spiritual, intuitive and emotional centre within. As we grow and evolve we experience how our consciousness participates in the world around us and how the world responds to us. This course looks at how we learn, developing a pathway that allows for an open sensitivity, in concert with finding an anchor within. This course helps grow an understanding of the unique inner qualities that we each possess.

Leila wanted to create a course on a subject close to her heart. She will share her experience in shamanism and alchemy, particularly her journey of connection to the remarkable consciousness that exists within and without the natural world. She will share stories and processes that connect you with your inner and start you unfolding your own spiritual practice, finding your own ways of listening and acting from your inner world.

Leila will take you through a series of explorations and reflections, there are six modules with videos. Each module is designed to take two weeks or you can complete them in your own timing. We will also encourage you to join our online community which will offer space for further insights and the opportunity to share and interact with others, ask questions and share your work.

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created and taught by Leila Lees


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Module One – Finding Beauty

Exploring the concept of the sacred ordinary, finding our own rituals, an introduction to the Lasavia healing remedies. Creating a portrait through objects, finding our place of learning, connecting to the New Zealand native plant and remedy kotukutuku.

Module Two – Sense of Place

Understanding our sense of place, connecting with trees and how they open us to understanding landscape. Looking at our relationship to land through gardens. Sacred sites. The land of our childhood. A spiritual journey to our ancestral land. Connecting to the plant and remedy of comfrey.

Module Three – Lineage

Exploring what we have inherited, perceiving the patterns of what and how we do through lineage. The importance of play. Connecting to the New Zealand native bird tūī. Looking at the lineage of our work and craft. 

Module Four – Essence

Concept of essence, reverence, special relationship. Deepening our relationship with nature, being with grief. Connecting with sparrow and the remedy of sparrow.

Module Five – Community

Moving into the west. Storytelling and fire. Trust and entering our interior, taking space. Vision and visioning. Connecting with rose quartz and working with the remedy of rose quartz.

Module Six – Integration

The integration of ritual, commitment, sacred ordinary, balance through finding space in the day-to-day, internal spaciousness. The practice of building pathways through deepening your connection to your place of learning, journaling, integration through projects, community, spiritual practice, resources. It’s about the mystical experience within the ordinary world.

It’s about finding your unique way of connecting with mysticism and exploring how to create and act from your inner life. So often people need to go away from their lives to connect to their spirituality, they go on retreats, and these have their place, but to Leila the most interesting journey is how to bring that spiritual connection into daily life.


I found this course to be an exciting journey of discovery, exploration, and involvement into the subjects offered in each module, and into myself. It uncovered depths within my self and the natural world, revealed new aspects, and gave me a stimulating enjoyable three months of interesting work. I would recommend it to anyone. M.F.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in healing and being open to this through the ordinariness of daily life.  I have experienced real and deep change through simple practices and bringing awareness to my actions. The often seemingly insignificant things I do regularly, now give me opportunities for focus and growth, and this continues to fortify and clarify my beliefs, values and knowingness, which brings strength and beauty to my life.  Leila and Meggan are gentle and loving guides who actively listen deeply and are able to offer support that empowers individuals to claim who they truly are.  Thank you Leila and Meggan! M.C

Learning to let go has been the most profound aspect of the course and being able to make room for the new. I feel like I am open to new learning in a way that wasn’t possible before.I’ve really loved the Community of this group. Everyone’s willingness to share so openly and so supportively. I’ve learnt so much from everyone and the synergies have been amazing. I’ve really enjoyed learning from people at different stages of their learning journeys as this has added an interesting quality and depth to the process. K.C

For me, this course was a recap of the work I had previously undertaken. It was a chance to deepen in practice and insight within each of the tools, and with a brand new group of souls. I love experiencing the reflectiveness of the circle, where each individual’s experience can support or ignite something within the experience of another; it is a potent reminder of the holographic nature of reality and how there are messages waiting for us to recognise them in every interaction. I think this is the biggest revelation that Lasavia work has brought, and continues to bring, for me: that the manifest world is layer upon layer of meaning, there for us to embody and integrate. Thank you, as always, Meggan and Leila for guiding the way. V.A



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