The predominant experience that most people have in their relationship with the kingdom of minerals is a sense of preciousness, sometimes verging on possessiveness. There are many mysterious and magical stories in literature where a person becomes possessed by the very thing they wish to possess. The force of mineral is integral to the material world on which our society is based. It is a force that can create a deep rift in our human relationships, creating feelings of superiority and deep unhappiness. Awareness and understanding of our relationship with the material world can lead to co-operation without the need to renounce or discard. I often think that what balances all that power and strength of the material force is tenderness.

Lasavia Box Sets are kitsets for Health and Wellbeing.  Having a set allows you to enter into a dynamic process or attuning to your needs on a daily weekly, monthly or occasional basis.  The benefit is that they are there to assist you with the distinct gifts that each essence brings.

  • Chambered Nautilus – Builds back self love and respect after experiences that have lead to shame and desolation.
  • Diamond – Cleansing. Understanding there is no permanence in life.  Celebrating natural beauty. Healing the imprint and damage that greed does to land.
  • Pearl – Assists in peeling away the dross and allow the truth to be seen. Makes sacred what has been desecrated.
  • Pounamu – To be able to step into a peace within the heart. Ability to share your own gift with others.
  • Pyramid Rock – Opens your vision,  prepares the way to breakthrough outmoded structures.
  • Rose Quartz – It softens the edges which then enables movement between two opposing points of view.

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