White faced Heron


dream, inward journeying, opening the imaginal mind, fluid, invisible, aloof, alone, unobtrusive observation



White faced Heron

Ardea novaehollandiae novaehollandiae

Order: Ciconiiformes, herons and allies. Family: Ardeidae, herons and bitterns

Essence: Nourishes the inner aspect of the creative rather than focus on the outer aspect of productivity. Allows for space to dream and not feel compelled to attend to the daily external demands of others. Meditative. The ability to take time and create space to be alone – this aloneness is dreamlike and contemplative and has the capacity to balance an organized busy life.

Use: For when there is a habit of serving others and allowing no deep quiet, contemplative spaces in life. For the mother who is constantly running from one job to another. It enables the ability to be solitary in one’s endeavours and work, use when we allow distraction to take us away from what is important in our lives. This remedy is particularly helpful when there has been soul loss through childhood trauma, it works well in tandem to soul retrieval. For children impacted by seeing things in the etheric.

Description: The white-faced heron is a blue grey bird with the throat and face and forehead white. Its legs and feet are an olive yellow. It feeds in estuaries, flooded paddocks, rocky shores and sandy beaches. It nests in the crown of tall trees; the nest is a platform of sticks. Foot raking is a characteristic hunting method of the white-faced heron. It strides through the shallows, pausing every two or three metres to stretch out a leg and drag its foot rapidly back and forth. Apparently to disturb small fish and invertebrates. Often the wings are slightly spread to shade the water surface and increase the birds ability to see below.

Meaning: The heron is balance. The balance like a point of entry, like the seesaw pausing in the middle. Here, it says is the entry, amongst the anchored beauty. The heron does mist, the morning mist on the river, the morning mist that hides the edges that brings things in close and softens the way. Everything has space. The heron tucks one leg into its body. The heron is invisible. Soft blue grey, its feathers loosen the edges so that it seems to merge with the foreground.

With this essence there is a distinctive awareness of what is happening around. The aloofness is a pathway, being present with that aloofness. I have an acute awareness of what is in the environment, the air on my skin, the senses. At the same time, I am connection to source through a dream-like reality. I am aware of the seasons on the other side of the world through being able to instantly travel through the memory of others.

The essence is a companion for the child whose being is not met, it is the child that watches the others and is not able to participate.

Key words: dream, inward journeying, opening the imaginal mind, fluid, invisible, aloof, alone, unobtrusive observation.


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