Lasavia Wild Weeds Collection

Developing a more intimate relationship with the wild weeds in our own back gardens is to discover rich, forgiving and abundant friends. It is with the greatest pleasure that I made these particular remedies, I was surprised by their potency and their service to humankind. Some of these essences felt like a joyful shouting in my ear. It was hard for me to weed the vegetable gardens without some kind of general explanation to them about giving space to broccoli, or rows of carrots. I feel enriched by my relationship with these plants and in many ways feel their essence bringing me into life.

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I encourage you to get to know them for yourself, to take a moment to taste the dandelion leaf or place the flower in water to drink or gather the chickweed and the cress for your salads. I give immense thanks for all those before me who have brought attention to these great little healers.