reflection on relationships, patterns, habits, survival, existence, senses, attention to the invisible, the small and neglect, reduce anxiety




Passer domesticus domesticus

Essence: Bringing attention to aspects of ourselves we have neglected; bringing awareness in how we respond to family patterns and collective consciousness; enhances ability to move through difficult situations, keeping connected and integral; encourages agility and inner strength in relationships where there has been a misuse of power or a power imbalance.

Use: For coming out of periods of illness and retreat. The sparrow remedy supports integration into community and social connection. It strengthens the nervous system and helps reduce anxiety due to stress and overload. It opens pathways of communication particularly helpful for shy or reserved people who would like to be heard.

Description: Sparrows were introduced to New Zealand in the mid-1860s, and the house sparrow is now found from sub-arctic to subtropical regions, basically everywhere except western Australia and some islands. Sparrows are a flocking species and are seldom seen alone. Roosting is communal: sometimes numbering several hundred in dense shrubs and trees. The secret to the sparrow’s success lies in its close association with people; its nest sites and food supply depend upon human endeavour. It is exceptionally unusual to find sparrows living a long way from human habitation. Male and female sparrows differ in that the male has a conspicuous chestnut streak behind the eye and the upper surface of the wings are predominately brown. The female is a more uniform brown with breast and flanks a soft grey. Sparrows also have one of the closest social structures to people in the animal kingdom. They have long-term loving relationships with who they raise their young. But will have affairs and switch partners.

Meaning: I am a sparrow. I know how to move around. I am impacted by the collective and I am part of the collective, and yet inside of you, I am alone. I am showing you existence. I am showing you aloneness and an awareness of that aloneness. I am also a messenger from your ancestors and can open your awareness to the collective consciousness and your family patterns. I get you reflecting on relationships and marriage and family groupings. I support by bringing you to the details of a project. I remind you of attending to the small, building piece by piece until the greater whole appears. I reach up and peck at your heart. I am the bird that moves into the neglected spaces and brings your awareness to the aspects of your psyche that you have abandoned. I bring awareness to that that has been abandoned, neglected and forgotten. I also work with the physical form and remind you of the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical. I work through the extension of the senses to receive insights into the metaphysical world. I will always find my way out of any place and often find my way in. I do not easily become trapped.


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