Kōtare, New Zealand Kingfisher


focus and wholeness, nucleus heart, integrated insight into splits and compartmentalising, patience




New Zealand Kingfisher
Halcyon sancta vagans

Essence: Integrated focus; ability to encompass the whole picture; action arising out of stillness.

Use: Kōtare opens our ability to find stillness, adding a quality of observation of our thinking. This essence is good to take when our life becomes split or when we compartmentalise. It also helps with over-self-analysis, supporting us to find healthy reflective processes. Use for distraction, unproductive busyness, disruption and deflection that causes projects and right-action to falter.

Description: I often see kōtare perched on posts, telephone and power lines, or bare branches. It perches with a clear view, overlooking pasture, gardens and water. They are often still, except their tail will flick, or their head will turn. They are waiting for their prey, usually insects like cicada, mice, also cockabullies and small fish, to appear. Then they are off in a direct descending flight, snatching the prey and carrying it crosswise in their beak back to their perch where they swallow it whole. Kōtare feathers are blue, green and turquoise with a touch of white around the neck and a soft yellow on the breast.

Meaning: The kōtare essence is an ultimate experience in focus, a focus that encompasses the whole. It pertains to our ability to observe with a focus that emerges from our whole participation in our world. To observe without thinking, without the narrative bubbling away. This alert presence is aware of our surroundings, knowing the language of our environment. This remedy invites us to move across rifts, faults and fractures of relationship. It invites us to see and understand compromise and the loss associated with compromise. Kōtare supports our nervous system and can relieve tension and headaches, particularly when triggered by fear. It combines alertness and restfulness, fulfilment experienced through clear action.

Key words: focus and wholeness, nucleus heart, integrated insight into splits and compartmentalising, patience


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