The Collective Heart


Opens up our humour and allows for a sense of harmony.


This remedy brings a smile, it opens up our humour and allows for a sense of harmony. It can lighten when one has cast a dark shade of mind.  I see this remedy as allowing us to arrive into the interconnection of our physical surroundings, becoming empathetic with nature. There is a natural connection between things in nature and where it’s placed in the immediate environment, a separation and connection is fluid through time and place. This allows for an ease in creative process.

When our observation is innately connected to the landscape, we are able to read what is happening in the landscape and respond appropriately. It involves being in the whole sphere, and this has a spaciousness available to each of us. As we enter into this state, we become sensitive to what emotionally touches and triggers us, this allows us to perceive how we are impacted and also how we impact. This observation of origin of what is influencing us enables a desire to attend to things that contribute to integration.

Through the heart we can perceive the lineage in land, birds, the forest and the people. There is a wisdom in memory. It is contained in all things, the collective heart brings us into perspective.
I suggest using this remedy for when we are without an anchor, when we are in reaction to fast moving events or when we are being swept up in a general cause of a crowd. We can access our value through the lineage through our birth and through the land. It’s remembering this lineage within the heart that steadies us.

Use for the constriction of a crowded mind, like being in the middle of a busy road with traffic continuously moving, thoughts like this going one way and then the other. I experience this remedy being able to cross through an established pathway, whether it is a cultural or a survival pattern. It can feel like you are breaking circuits of functionality but it’s actually waking up to strong patterning disconnected from the natural mind. This remedy opens us to experience the natural mind. The natural mind is an open restful pose.

As I sit with this remedy a little longer, I am aware of settling within myself, finding my place in my surroundings.

Finding space for yourself within the collective.

The collective heart remedy is a blend of the following remedies: Californian lupin, buttercup, rose quartz, obsidian, sparrow and red clover.


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