consciousness, fearless, having no qualms, looking at what is hidden, joyous, intelligence, playful



Nestor meridionalis

This essence is created through connection to the North Island Kaka – Nestor meridionalis septentrionalis

Essence: Dispelling illusion, facing truth.

Use: for times of confusion, disharmony and to support a breakthrough from self-deception, and where there is a loss of connection to one’s truth within groups and community.


The kaka turns and moves constantly as it peers and stretches under and over vegetation, using its beak to steady itself. With its foot it holds fruit and flowers up to its bill. It obtains the seeds of kauri by opening the cone.

K.T. Moynihan – Reader’s Digest Complete Book of Birds

The kaka is a forest parrot. It was abundant in the forested areas of New Zealand and its numbers declined rapidly as considerable areas of forest were burned for pasture and exotic pine plantations. It has only recently come back to Waiheke Island as the land is slowly reforesting in certain areas. It likes to gather in groups and is active and social in the early morning and evening. To some extent it is nocturnal and I hear its call in the night. During the day it can feed solitary and silently using its powerful beak to tear off loose bark, breaking up decaying wood and extracting larvae from live wood. It eats many kinds of seeds and succulent fruits and has a brush tongue to take nectar from flowers.

Meaning: Kaka initiates. There is an edge here where it shows up a truth. Kaka invites us to have the courage to look. The truth is often concealed by the stories we live by and the roles we play out in community. The essence shows up our patterns of avoidance like a teacher setting us up so we can learn. This essence brings awareness of boundaries within form, it shows up the way things are in relation to another. This quality of perception through form brings a clarity around action through consciousness. There is an alignment to the immediate situation; this brings a sharpness of presence.
Fear of loss is the shadow of kaka – when we lie to ourselves but we do not know because we are still unconscious, and in the darkness there is a distortion, a fear of growth, a shadow protection through stories and deception.

Kaka can awaken a conscious choice to look at what we may hide from ourselves. Kaka does what it does, straight to what is underneath; if there is sorrow it is uncovered, if there is fear it is seen and acknowledged.

Key words: consciousness, fearless, having no qualms, looking at what is hidden, joyous, intelligence, playful.


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