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Meggan Young

Waiheke Island

I live on Waiheke Island and started my training with Leila in 2006. Since then who I am and how I work has been ever evolving and continues to do so. I love the broad scope of shamanism as a spiritual practice and its deep honouring of nature and who we are in relationship to nature.

This training and practice has given me the ability to extend my own consciousness beyond the perimeters of our physical world to meet the delightful intelligence and consciousness of the natural worlds and elemental kingdom. These are both humbling and fascinating experiences and have shown me how supported we are when we open ourselves to these realms.

During my training I have learnt to work with spiritual allies, essences, land healing, soul, entities, ghosts and ancestors. It always feels such a privilege to partake in this work and I am grateful for these profound experiences and the support we receive when we are working with these aspects of shamanic practice.

Some of us are sensitive to the energetic worlds where it can be overwhelming if we have not developed the ability to discern and integrate these experiences and some want to develop their sensitivity to the energies around them. I believe we all can cultivate this and it is a natural expression of who we are.

Through teaching I want to support others to learn and become familiar to their own unique ways of sensing and receiving from the energetic realms and to recognise and develop their gifts.

The qualities of the medicine wheel and Lasavia Healing Essences are key in their support to this teaching and we bring these forward to work with in each workshop and course.