Personal Remedy Essences Blend

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Meggan Young

Waiheke Island

I was drawn to working with and creating essences soon after I met and started learning from Leila. The first essence I made was Gorse where I experienced the nurturing, protective and joyful qualities of this remarkable plant.

As a herbalist I grow and work with plants and people on a physical level. Entering the world of vibrational and plant spirit medicine has taken me to a new place of understanding the many different levels and requirements of healing. It has also opened me up to the wonderful intelligence in nature and enhanced my journey of deepening this relationship.

My experience with bees is always evolving, they teach me about being in right relationship, non-attachment and the beauty and potential of a co-creative relationship.

I have studied the essences with both Leila and Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and in my practice I use Lasavia Healing Essences, Earth Song and First Light Flower Essences. I also create my own if an essence other than these is required.

In working with clients I use shamanic journeying to receive the essences which have the most resonance for the client. This tells me what is going to be addressed and at what level. These levels may be in the auric or physical body or encompass spiritual, emotional, mental, ancestral, past life or impact from the environment. I then share the essences that have presented themselves and their medicine.

My work with Lasavia also involves nature connection, land healing and teaching.