Leila Lees

Founder, Lasavia Healing
New Zealand Healer, Artist, Teacher, Poet and Naturalist
Waiheke Island

Leila is a teacher and facilitator in nature awareness, shamanism and plant spirit medicine. She has a range of vibrational medicine Lasavia Essences and works with the medicine of our nature allies on an energetic and emotional level.

In traditional cultures each village would have a Wise Woman or Wise Man whose connection to the otherworld would guide those in times of crisis or at times of important decision making.

Leila is the wise woman at the fire side who will see a scope of reality just out of reach and bring it into your view. This is a form of guidance and midwifery where you do all the work but with the guidance of a self assured and grounded companion. If we sometimes seek to improve our lives and the lives of those around us with self enquiry and self work then Leila can provide the safe environment and guidance to support you in this journey of discovery.

Leila has supported hundreds of people to access their own inner guidance, enabling people to integrate their intuition and experiences of the non ordinary world into their lives. She has trained shamanic practitioners and established sacred circles.

Perceiving and Seeing

I am a mediator between dimensions, the physical and the non-physical. In supporting people to access their own gifts and talents, I bring them to an expanded awareness where they can access their own ability to connect with the energy behind this physical world. I bring my abilities to be of service to the land and to energies that are trapped or disruptive to place and person. My ultimate service is to the great no-thingness, the all beingness and my love is for earth.

I heal through observing the energy that is causing the disease. If I am able I note the larger context of the disruption. I will also note the distraction that will cover the ability to heal and transform. I respect the mystery that arises through healing. I look at cultural and social conditioning and its influence on the whole person. I am attentive to what I observe as a void space when there is intensive extraction, removal of entities or the removal of disruptive energies.

I have lived my whole life observing and being with the connection of energy to the physical world we live in. I have always realised that this dimension that we are living in had peculiar wavy bits and it was those wavy bits that fascinated me. It was normal for me to see things that other people were unable to perceive.

I also understood that some visions vibrated differently from the energy that was linked to physical items; therefore I could discern what was readily in the physical dimension and what was not. This meant that I could stay in a healthy relationship to what I saw and knew to keep this seeing to myself as much as possible. To me observation in healing is important. Healing arises out of stillness. The form that is connected to the emptiness and the clarity is still. It doesn’t need to act. It is very powerful to meditate with this insight. To heal is a form of action and yet how does action occur without the need to act. It is to do with what occurs in observation. In the state of observation a space opens, the space has energy and energy has movement.

There is a dynamic place, which is the integration between unity and separation. Healing is staying connected but also separate. The shadow of the healer is that there is energy moving with the desire to attach to what it is healing. If we understand this a little more deeply, as a healer we have personalities, abilities and tools to access healing and to give healing. The healer also has a desire to heal. The personality, gifts, tools and the desire are all important in being a healer and yet all of these things may cause shadow attachments and challenges that may create their own disharmony or disruption. This desire for certainty and outcome will limit the ability to being present to what is. It is interesting to think about what is healing energy.

I think we access different forms of energy depending on the modality that we are using or working with. In plant spirit medicine we work with a particular plant that has the properties that are complimentary or balancing to the person. Remember that plant spirit medicine can be used in land as well. It is like the source energy may go through the plant and through our ability to focus that energy it can then mingle with the energy of the person receiving the healing. The same happens when we focus the energy say through our hands to bring healing touch through. The energy comes through us and may read our intention. We might access that energy through a particular form, for example through Jesus or Isis.

When I see something in the healing state it is not just what my eyes see but how my whole body is in that seeing. When I look out and observe the leaf of the grapevine. The first thing I notice is its shape and how the sun is lighting up the colour. If I am observing further I may touch its details, how the veins are arranged and the way the leaf connects with the stem. As I observe more it becomes a meditation, I start to become aware of how I am in that relationship to the leaf. In reading energy in people or in land there is first the how I am in relationship to the person or the land I am seeing.

In land healing there is a protocol of connection and respect to the land, the same is true in healing people. The question arises, have I been invited to see and what is the intention of that invitation? And so with all my healing work I ask what is the intention that the person has brought with them. This allows a focus but it also invites my connection and my work. Incidences that happen to a person will imprint in the field of that person. Sometimes it will create a wound in the field, which means that other energies may become lodged there. Reading a field like this is usually best focused on what I might call a fold where a number of incidences and life events have a powerful connection to an original event. Reading this is beginning to open and support someone to move into a transformative and healing journey. Again for me seeing, and sharing is an important part of healing. Healing is staying connected but also being separate. It is that I am able to access the state of nothingness being with the fluidity of energy at the same time aware of my own separateness. In other words the experience of the unity and separation is fully accepted without a need to be one or the other.

I work to support a deep enquiry into the way we are living and responding to what is presented in our lives. Being aware to the shadow patterns that continue to tag along with you, and facing the guardians of the threshold to that unknown territory beyond.

Leila’s Acknowledgement

I would like to thank the following teachers in my life; Nivana for introducing me to color healing and energy. Francela Davies and Oraina Jones for the teaching of Flower Essences. Rodyah Zwart for her spirituality and guidance and Shen Elderton for teaching group dynamics and classic shamanic process.

I have never met anyone so spot on as Leila. She leads me to find answers for myself whilst also offering excellent advice. She is caring and fun to work with. A remarkable woman.

Jill Wheeler-Bowden

I have worked with Leila in one on one sessions and in workshops for many years and I value her as my life mentor. Every session or workshop I have had with her I find new information and depth that allows me to learn and grow in my awareness of who I am and how I fit into this world.

Leila works with the utmost integrity and gentleness but still has the ability to “get in”. She does this with tremendous respect and honour for each of our individual journeys. She is a master and a great teacher and I feel privileged to have her in my life.

Mandy Quantock

Leila has a very loving, accepting presence and she is a very inspiring teacher. I know that working with her is helping me on my path through life, discovering my true potentials and talents and she is also giving me beautiful guidance. I think that she is a guide – she is showing people the door. In other words, she is showing you what your soul is ready to see in that moment. You have to walk through the door.

Alex Huemmer, Germany

I cannot even begin to express how valuable Leila’s guidance and mentoring have been to me over the years. But what it comes down to is this: without Leila’s mentoring, I simply wouldn’t have become who I am today.

Rhiannon Beolens