Leila Lees

Waiheke Island

Founder, Lasavia Healing
New Zealand Healer, Artist, Teacher, Poet and Naturalist

Leila is a teacher and facilitator in nature awareness, shamanism and plant spirit medicine. She has a range of vibrational medicine Lasavia Essences and works with the medicine of our nature allies on an energetic and emotional level.

In traditional cultures each village would have a Wise Woman or Wise Man whose connection to the otherworld would guide those in times of crisis or at times of important decision making.

Leila is the wise woman at the fire side who will see a scope of reality just out of reach and bring it into your view. This is a form of guidance and midwifery where you do all the work but with the guidance of a self assured and grounded companion. If we sometimes seek to improve our lives and the lives of those around us with self enquiry and self work then Leila can provide the safe environment and guidance to support you in this journey of discovery.

Leila has supported hundreds of people to access their own inner guidance, enabling people to integrate their intuition and experiences of the non ordinary world into their lives. She has trained shamanic practitioners and established sacred circles.

Leila’s Acknowledgement

I would like to thank the following teachers in my life; Nivana for introducing me to color healing and energy. Francela Davies and Oraina Jones for the teaching of Flower Essences. Rodyah Zwart for her spirituality and guidance and Shen Elderton for teaching group dynamics and classic shamanic process.

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