Cacao Tree

if I come with sluggish intent
it is because I am resistant
to your passionate strength

I’d rather hang in the balance
the place of in between
than surrender to your

rich tabestry

I want to come with my rough rebel
with stauch stance
and defiance to your
transformative influence

I want to dig up my doubt
and hold its broken hand
ignore the wild flowers
and talk through the black wires

I want to glance backwards
wondering what it was that I’ve forgotten
what ritual
is required for this meeting


I arrive at your
tightly woven trunk
illuminated form, responsive
current and immediate
taken up in your large leaves

I am challenged
with this pulsing, dancing
ancient tradition
evolving in my ears
restless memories
of vital communities

I fall with these words
into chocolate arms
and big laughter
bursting colour and blazing mind
skating on ice upside down
like the hanged man
into your blinking wild eye.