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‘As always, working with Leila, I entered in with my own set of expectations about what I thought I was seeking and came out the other side with a completely new life direction.
This direction is a long-buried secret dream of mine since childhood and has only now (35 years later!!) been given permission to come to fruition. It is not just Leila’s ability to accurately perceive the hidden layers which makes her work so valuable; she creates a container of sacred space, with non-judgement and gentle persistence, for that which arises for examination and clearing. This safety and honouring allows the inner transformation to occur. It is now 8 months since we uncovered my pathway forward and it has continued to unfold in ways far greater than my tiny mind could not have planned. I am so grateful!’     -VA

The spirit of enquiry

Mentoring with Leila Lees

In this series of personal mentoring sessions, I explore with you, what is your deep enquiry that can lead you forward. I open new perspectives into our personal diversity, particularly allow for understanding, in times of change. So often a spiritual crisis is a profound opening, allowing through the cracks something important to emerge. I want to listen to that. I want to support an unfolding of what might be hidden, nurturing newness, integrating difference. As we transition through the wobble, through new work and changes in circumstance, I may explore with you, the nature of soul, finding new pathways and patterns, looking at ancestral and cultural influences. Throughout our journey together we experience attendance, whether it is with nature and learning, or the ordinary aspects of life that create balance, slowly building a personal spiritual practice that supports you.

 We uncover questions and are present to answers that arise. How do I find the courage to cross unknown territory? How do I integrate difference? How do I find my place within community? What is home, my sense of place? How do I begin to listen to my inner and have the courage to trust my receiving? What are my values? How does my lineage support me?

 I bring into my mentoring my own journey of mysticism and spiritual practice, as I grounded my visionary experiences from a young age. I am an artist and writer with over twenty years experience in healing, and teaching shamanic and mystical practice.

I offer six individual sessions through zoom or in person.

I suggest that these sessions are either weekly or every ten days.

Each session is approximately one hour and 15 mins.

Cost: $1280 for six sessions

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