Katie Milne



Around five years ago I began my shamanic training with Lasavia, and my commitment and passion have only grown over the years.

I remember my first circle, where the teacher spoke about magic, how life was so magical and that there is magic all around us. At the time I was captivated by these words, really excited by them – I knew this was true, I knew it in the soul of my being – and I had often felt separated from people because of it. Today I still feel the magic and my feeling of the magic has been refined and cherished, honoured and honed. It happens all the time, within the ordinary day-to-day, even during those times when I’m confused and can’t seem to keep my head above water. At these times always there is a magic greater then me moving through me and the story eventually comes to light. I have begun to trust this magic, to speak to it, and to try to allow it to play more fully in my life.

What really excites and inspires me about Lasavia is that the core driver of the work always comes back to bringing and supporting people to come into their power and own truth, their authenticity and their beauty. This is something that is innate to me, a value that is core to my being. There is so much power and healing that occurs for a person when they are seen for who they are and all that they are in their naked beauty, vibration and talents.

One aspect of my work is to do with space-clearing and harmonizing the energies of a space. I have always been hypersensitive to spaces and as a result slightly obsessed with tweaking them into a state of aesthetic and vibrational beauty.

I work with the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom and the elemental kingdom very closely. They are always weaving in and out of my life and work. One aspect of this is working with the Lasavia vibrational remedies. My work within this field is also shifting and growing. I don’t know where this path leads me, but I know I am a Medicine Woman. Hear more from Katie here: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/bmsradionetwork/2019/09/03/katie-milne-womens-circles