Agnes Palffi


I came to this path of teaching through Lasavia Healing out of curiosity, I may say ongoing curiosity. I was curious if the world was indeed bigger then what a materialistic, visible, touchable reality conveyed. Can I experience multiple interconnected realities? I doubted until I have experienced it. I still doubted it for a while. Could this be a figment of my imagination? Is this real? What is the language of such a reality? How can I perceive it? How would my life look like if I truly accepted a multi-layered, network-like interconnected reality? (Work ongoing there.) Then the question of who am I haunted me, it nearly hurt. How can I know/feel for myself who am I? (Ongoing.) What are my gifts? How do I stand in relationship with all that is around me? And above all how are all these lofty, philosophical questions yield a practical application in life? (Ongoing.) It was an immense relief, satisfaction, challenge to follow the curriculum of my own curiosity, not a set one.

I have discovered that I have passion for and aversion to people, I have affinity to plants, sound seems to move energy, I am connected to ancestors, I find deep peacefulness within Wholeness. My way of perceiving is through my body, emotions, movement, thoughts. I get frustrated by symbolic, visual language, ongoing to decipher it. That is a challenge to me. I value the truth of inner discernment and knowing and I am striving for it. I value relationships, beauty, stillness. I enjoy working with shamanic processes, movement, art, journalling and talking.

I see that standing in awareness of our inner essential nature, listening, talking, acting, creating from that place could bring about a different outcome for our culture. I would like to deepen the awareness, alignment and expression of our inner essence.