Vibrational remedies
Fri 22 March 6.30pm
– Sat 23rd 3.30pm


with Meggan Young & Leila Lees
Fairfield House, Nelson

The Lasavia Healing Essences are vibrational medicines. These medicines have been created and developed by Leila Lees over 25 years. Leila will share some history of vibrational medicines, how the essences work and how to use them. The Friday evening talk is followed by a discussion.

Saturday continues from Friday’s evening introduction. In this workshop Meggan and Leila will introduce the essences, sharing their own experience in working with them. Together we explore how vibrational medicines work within the etheric realm and physical form. We explore plant spirit medicine, our relationship with nature and connection to other forms of consciousness.

Early bird pricing ends 28 February 2019.



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Fri 22 March 6.30pm
– Sat 23rd 3.30pm”

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