Maria Deutsch



“Toitu te marae a Tangaroa, Toitu te marae a Tane, Toitu nga Iwi”
If the Realm of Tangaroa is well, and the Realm of Tane is well, then the People will be well.

Tangaroa is the spiritual essence/atua of the oceans and all freshwater. Tane Mahuta is the equivalent for forests and all land based ecosystems.

I live my life in dedicated guardianship/kaitiakitanga, re-establishing healthy relations between people and nature and through this aim to bring ‘Well-Being’ to ecosystems, people and communities wherever I walk.

Nga Mihi
Tena Koutou Katoa
Ko maunga Donnersberg te maunga, Ko Rhein te awa, Ko Pfalz te iwi, ko Maria Deutsch ahau.
I whanau ahau i Tiamana, 28 nga tau e noho ana ahau i Aotearoa, i te Wai Pounamu.
Aku mahi, nga mahi kaitiaki, nga mahi hononga mai i te whenua ki nga tangata, mai i nga tangata ki te whenua.
No reira, Nga mihi nui, Nga mihi aroha ki a koutou.

Greetings to You All
My name is Maria Deutsch and I was born in Southwest Germany as part of people who cherish the land, hospitality and building connections amongst different cultures.
I have lived in Aotearoa New Zealand for the last 28 years, working in conservation, community building, cross-cultural collaboration, facilitation, coaching, NGO management and education. Throughout this time, I have re-connected people with nature in order for individuals, groups and entire communities to be enabled to reach their full potential.

My link to Lasavia comes through the aspects of healer, seer and sacred clown that I carry in my psyche alongside the guardian/kaitiaki principles. I have worked with shamanic and indigenous spiritual traditions for many years in order to heal aspects of the planet and its people.

I am supporting the Lasavia vision through offerings of teaching, individual mentoring and coaching, land work and facilitative circle work.

Over the years I have developed an extensive toolkit for deeply allowing our connection to nature to create mutual Well-Being in any context – this could be in relation to personal goals, projects, business growth, cultural and community health.

You are welcome to also check my own website especially the Nature Coaching and Nature Facilitation pages.

On a personal note…
Together with my partner I work as kaitiaki of 36 ha of native forest in the South Island, which has also been available as Lasavia learning space. I grow organic vegetables, fruit and herbs alongside plants for insects and birds. To balance the depth of my work I play with photography, creative design, poetry and exploration of our mountains and rivers.

I treasure the people that walk into my life with open hearts and am looking forward to sharing some very special times with those of you who will cross my pathway.

Nga mihi – my deepest respect