Lasavia Summer School 2018

New Zealand and German Lasavia Healing facilitators are offering a series of Summer School events in Germany in 2018.

For bookings and further information contact Ramona or 0163/2877610

16 August – 4 September 2018
Talks – Workshops – Groups

This summer school is brought to you by a dedicated group of people who have a passion for the truth of this work. We celebrate the depth we are willing to go to, the community we work with and the laughter and tears we share. We also love eating good food. We welcome you to join us in these workshops and circles. We welcome your feedback and ongoing connection.
– Alex, Andrea, Leila, Meggan, Nicole, Ramona and Steffi

Summer School Team

Andrea Fahmer
Andrea (dance)
Leila Lees
Meggan Young
Nicole Lummel
Ramona Hoppichler
Steffi Kurz

Open introduction evening

An introduction and talk with Leila Lees, introducing Lasavia Healing. In this open circle Leila talks about her work and the Lasavia Summer School what her work is and she explores the medicine wheel and its different layers.

With Leila Lees and the Team of the Summer School
Time: Wednesday 15. August, 7.30 – 10 p.m
Costs: Koha
Appropriate for all levels and will be translated

An Introduction and Exploration of the Lasavia Essences

The Lasavia Essences are vibrational medicines, created in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The following talk and workshop describes how they are made and how they can be used individually and by practitioners.

Lasavia Essences – Talk

This talk is an introduction to the Lasavia essences. Leila will share her personal experience in creating the Lasavia essences. She will share some history of vibrational medicines, how the Lasavia essences work and how to use them.
Talk followed by a discussion with Leila Lees
Time: Thursday 16 August 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Costs: 15 €
Appropriate for all levels and will be translated

Lasavia Essences – Workshop

This workshop continues from the talk. We cover history, vision and communication with the essential gesture of plants, minerals, insects and animals. We explore the elements and landscape in connection to the creation of the essences. We deepen our understanding of the Lasavia essences and how to use them from a practitioner point of view.

Workshop facilitated by Leila Lees
Time: Friday 17. August 9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m
Costs: 135 €
Appropriate for all levels and will be translated
Shared lunch


This is a talk and discussion about the importance of inner reflection, of the heart as an inner compass and the importance of reverence for life as a key to creating a strong ethical foundation for what we do in our lives. Part of the development of the Lasavia organization is to create dynamic discussion that can question and keep alive an ethical foundation that supports practitioners and those who are having transformational experiences.

Talk and discussion in sacred circle
Facilitated by Leila Lees
Time: Saturday, 18.August, 1 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.
Costs: 15 €
Appropriate for all levels – will be translated

Introductory Workshop – an introduction to working together in sacred circle, shamanic journeying and spiritual healing

This workshop is important and often people who have already done this work before like to attend these introductory workshops. It is about beginning. Taking the time to consider some of the following questions and ideas. How we do ritual? What is intention? How do we sense the subtle thresholds as we enter into other worlds through our visionary capacity.? What do we trust? How do we integrate and work with the symbols we may receive or the experiences we have through shamanic journeys?
This is an experiencial workshop encouraging our unique journey through unknown territory.

Facilitated by Nicole Lummel and Leila Lees
Time: Saturday 18. August, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m
Sunday 9.30 a.m. – 6.30 p.m
Costs: 165 € excl. accomadation and food
Appropriate for all levels – will be translated

Entering the Unknown

The following two and a half days are for those who already have had experience in the Lasavia work and have some understanding of English. This is an advanced workshop. The structure is the sacred medicine sphere. We start by sharing our intentions and listening to the way we bring forward the work. Leila will facilitate this unfolding journey in a way that moves with the leadership that arises through the group. The content of this workshop will be shown through the intentions that arise from the group in relationship to the ancient elders that are also within the land.

Facilitated by Leila Lees
Times: Monday 20 August, 2 p.m till Wednesday, 22. August 4 p.m
Costs: 245 € excl. food and accommodation
Advanced – will be translated

Dance of the elements

Dancing we move through the elements of earth, fire, water and air. Let yourself be touched and inspired by the power, the inspiration and the energy of the four elements. Explore in a wild and free dance what every element means for you and how you can use it in your daily life. Earth, Water, Wind and Fire… let´s dance.

With Andrea Schnupp
Time: Wednesday 22. August, 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Kosten: 25 €
More information:

Uncovering the inner gift

In this talk Leila explores the process of finding our individual talents. Looking at the journey of the soul and its evolution. She will look at choice, will and the expression of diversity through individual attributes and gifts.

Talk by Leila Lees
Time: Thursday 23rd August 7 p.m. – 10 p.m
Costs: 15 €
All levels- will be translated

Nature and Alchemy

The work of Lasavia is to awaken and strengthen our relationship with land, plants, the elemental realms and ancestors. Through the support of this connection we will find pathways of healing for ourselves and our relationship with nature.
We experience alchemy through the mind, in right relationship and co-creation with the plants. Amongst the summer wildlife, we will open ourselves to this ancient knowledge, understanding and practice.
We will be working in sacred circle with storytelling, herbal knowledge, sketching, and the playful exploration of our own innate ways of being with nature.

Facilitated by Steffi Kurtz and Meggan Young
Friday 24th August7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday 25th August9.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday 26th August 9.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Costs: 190 €
Appropriate to all levels – will be translated

Uncovering the Inner Gift

The small ruby everyone wants has fallen out on the road
Some think it is east of us, others west of us.
Some say, “among primitive earth rocks,”
Others, “in the deep waters.”
Kabir’s instinct told him it was inside, and what it was worth,
And he wrapped it carefully in his heart cloth.

– Kabir

This workshop is an in-depth exploration of our innate gifts, the journey of the soul in expression, the influences and fears that may suppress that expression and how we can support each other in creating healthy diverse community. As we dig deep to look at the gifts, we look at what continues to influence our day to day lives and choices. We use the medicine sphere to bring consciousness as to how we cycle our shadows throughout our lives and how to make important choices to grow inner life. Space is given in this workshop for nature connection, an important element in integration and understanding.

Facilitated by Leila Lees
Nature connection facilitated by Andrea
Tuesday 28th August 2 p.m. start –
Finish Saturday night September 1st
Costs: 545 €
Open to all – a pre-requisite is to have attended a Lasavia workshop.
Translation will be provided

Reflection Circle

Open circle for all participates to share how it has been and how they would like to carry on this work

Time: Tuesday, 6.30 p.m. – 10 p.m
For all who have taking part in an event within the Lasavia Summer School