The Lasavia Course

The Lasavia course is a four year training course; covering shamanic journeying, energy healing, personal transformation, shamanic counseling, soul retrieval, plant spirit medicine, nature awareness and land healing.

The foundation for the learning is the co-creative circle, or gathering in sacred circle. This circle is where we invite the divine. Through this circle we may leave the world of limitations and enter into a powerful engagement with our potential. Through this consciousness we see into other dimensional states, allowing our perception of the world to be expanded, we start to push up against our belief patterns.

Introductory Course

This course invites our relationship with the mystery, there is a deep unfolding transformative journey that is not easy to put into words. The training of Lasavia explores both the sacred and the ordinary.

Through the ordinary affairs of the world we learn that all actions need to come into alignment, for me that is the training.

The course is all about our relationships and the interconnectivity of all things; our relationship with spirit, with ourselves, with each other, nature, land and with the energy behind all things, leading us to the power of mind and heart, of what it is to being human and connecting to source.
Lasavia is a training course that accentuates the naturalness of our spirituality, the need for acute observation and awareness, and reminds us of the power of dignity as we plumb the depths of our inner exploration. It is a transformative course designed for healers, creators and leaders in their various fields to be able to access their individual gifts, bring their lives into a spiritual context and connect with their natural environment.

This training involves healing oneself and to work in the healing field of shamanism. It is the prerequisite course in training to teach the lasavia work. The structure is inherently supportive and all workshops are created within a sacred circle that is both liberating and respectful.

Year One

Here we introduce you to shamanic journeying and the structure of learning within the medicine wheel. We journey to find your power animal, explore shamanic healing, body dreaming, cleansing and clearing energetically. We examine the importance of self nourishment and ground ing in spiritual work. Looking at our relationship with spiritual guidance and through shamanic journeying we meet a spiritual teacher in the etheric plane, from here we examine the nature of enquiry, belief systems, projection and the power of intention. We look at spiritual practises, forms of meditation, prayer and contemplation.

We enter a deep observation of the ancestral patterns that we have inherited through our lineage. Through shamanic journeying we meet the spiritual warrior and explore the nature of the warrior in the world.

Year Two

This part of the course is where we bring the medicine wheel into greater personal and group practices. Through the support of the medicine wheel we examine our shadow, we look at how, what we carry in our unconscious, is impacting our life and those around us. we work with the native plant remedies as a basis to the work and look at the heritage of plant communities, in our shamanic journeying we meet the wise one in the underworld. Again through the medicine wheel we walk and discover our journey through life, we explore the place of learning and walk with awareness to the emotions that arise and start to understand the emotions as indicators and ways to work with patterns. In this journey we are starting to do emotional healing

Module two is where we look at our relationship with the material world, sacred art and sacred creation. Stillness and observation meditation. The art of being present.

Year Three

We explore enterprise and individual gifts and talents. We examine what is healthy community, how does community allow the growth of individual talent and also create culture that supports each other as a whole. We look at the relationship to the animal kingdom, the sacred masculine and sacred feminine, the labyrinth and spiral journeys, ancient wisdom in contemporary times. Underpinning this teaching is the world of the insects. We go further with symbolic language, the nature of dreaming and manifestation. We create power masks working more deeply with our innate power, healing and spiritual practice.

Year Four

This is the healing journey of the soul. We examine what is soul, spirit and source. The layers of insight and healing through soul retrieval, where we examine the concepts of soul and soul loss through trauma, neglect of our basic needs and the experience of not being received into the world with honour and joy. Through learning soul retrieval and core shamanic counselling, we looking at dealing with processes of energy empathy and creating clear boundaries in healing work. Part of the teaching is working with extraction of entities and clearing energy. We finish the course with a vision quest and explore ongoing support.