Lasavia Courses

The Lasavia Course

The Lasavia course covers shamanic journeying, energy healing, personal transformation, shamanic counseling, soul retrieval, plant spirit medicine, nature awareness and land healing.

The foundation for the learning is the co-creative circle, gathering in sacred circle. This circle is where we invite the divine. Through this circle we may leave the world of limitations and enter into a powerful engagement with our potential. Through this consciousness we see into other dimensional states, allowing our perception of the world to be expanded, we start to push up against our belief patterns.

The full course is four years, allowing a deepening of connection to self, nature and spirit. If you have any queries, please contact Mary our Course Co-ordinator at

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Offerings from Lasavia Healing Practitioners

Top of the South co-creative Sundays

For Lasavia practitioners who have completed years 1 & 2
28 October, 2 December 2018
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Deep Nature Work

Deep Nature Work facilitates the interface of our own human nature with the ecosystem that we are part of, no matter where we walk on Earth. Its approach is gentle, and it accesses tools and knowledge gained over thousands of years that are vested deeply within us. It fosters building relationships and connections within the ecosystem which then carry through into
our relationships within the communities where we walk each day.

You are invited to join us in this exploration. We have developed workshops that respond to different developmental aspects and we can tailor make to suit your needs.

Workshops on offer:
Introduction to Deep Nature Work: 28-30 September 2018
Emotional Landscapes – Building your Inner Resilience: 2-4 November 2018
Seasonal Celebration and the Power of Alignment: 14-16 December 2018

Contact Maria or Scott at or on +64 21 234 9917 / +64 21 541 962