Lasavia Courses


Offerings from Lasavia Healing Practitioners

Top of the South co-creative Sundays
for practitioners who have completed years 1 & 2
18 March, 22 April, 10 June, 22 July, 2 September, 28 October, 2 December
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Te Kaainga Tawhai Vision Quest
Open to all – 13/14-15 April: A weekend of personal reflection, working together and a solo night in our forest. I will facilitate the process and hold space throughout.
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Winter solstice celebration
23-24 June: An opportunity to reflect on the previous seasons, to acknowledge the growth ahead and to have fun and celebrate with each other, co-hosted with Mary
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Nature Workshop
Open to all – 21/22 -23 September: A two day workshop that has a flow of nature activities aimed at personal and spiritual growth, building on existing connection to nature to reach a greater depth of understanding and continue to gain tools for personal practice.
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